What Can We Learn From Bill Gates’ Daily Schedule?

Steff Holloway

13 April, 2018

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, secures a top rank among the richest people on the planet. Undoubtedly, he has made wealth by selling computer softwares, but he is better known for his philanthropic work. For his humanitarian work, Gates travels around the globe, from urban cities to the forests of Africa to meet with people who can help and those who need help. But when he is not traveling the world, he lives in his lavish home, situated in Medina, Washington.

From his daily routine one can learn a lot of things. The attributes on this list are common to almost all the wealthy people on the planet. This shows that the lifestyle, beliefs, and mindset followed by the wealthiest people on the planet are fundamental and can be followed by everyone.

5 Things that We Can Learn from Bill Gates’ daily Routine

Early to rise, early to win!

Bill Gates try to wake up as early as possible to get a head start. He starts his day by exercising. An hour of running on the treadmill along with reading the newspaper and catching up on the world news. This helps him get physically and mentally ready for the day. He usually skips breakfast which is not advised, but whenever he gets to have it, he prefers a wholesome bowl of cereals.

Drawing a learning from this, start your day early. It will not only add those few valuable extra hours to your day, but you will also feel more refreshed & proactive for the challenges ahead.

Proactively planning the whole day

Like every other person on the ‘World’s Wealthiest Person’ list, Bill Gates also plans his whole day well in advance, allotting 5 minutes to each task. He says that segregating the whole day into small slots boosts his productivity. This also helps him to be accountable for any non-productive actions such as relaxing in the middle of the day, which may lead to a loss of a few slots!

5-minute slots might be a bit too much, but dividing your whole work-time into planned slots can certainly supercharge your targets & goals.

Focus and Persistence

Gates credits his laser focus and persistence for his achievements. He believes that persistence to follow his guts, instead of listening to others, was the key ingredient in making sure his company, Microsoft, remained ahead of the curve.

Gates often highlights the importance of ‘focus’ paired with persistence, to be a crucial factor for achieving success in any field.


One more thing that Bill Gates credits his wealth to is his veracity to read books and his thirst for knowledge. He tries to read 50 new books a year which work out to approximately one book every week. Along with providing him with some entertainment, books also teach him an important lesson that it is imperative to finish a task that someone has started. Gates also says that reading helps him to to freshen up, and take a break from the daily office stress.

Reading provides you with additional knowledge to help deal with daily challenges. It will also develop a habit of finishing tasks on time that you started. It’s a habit that anyone can incorporate to be successful in life.


After giving your best-effort at work every day, you are entitled to some time-off & recreation. Bill Gates says that he likes to play card games, talk to his family members and enquire about their day.

Unwinding after a busy day at work is crucial for everyone, be it the world’s richest person or any other person working hard during his/her work hours. It helps in bringing down the stress levels, and mentally prepare for the challenges ahead.

Gates often says that relaxing improves his memory and allows him to make better decisions. He is also seen playing tennis, which adds some physical activity along with relaxing and keeps life fresh.

Importance of sleep

The last thing Bill Gates ensures is to get a good amount of sleep. He says it helps him be creative the next day. According to Gates, anyone can perform regular tasks without proper sleep, but being imaginative requires a cool & relaxed mind. This is another thing we must learn from Gates.

A reposed mind and relaxed body is paramount in tackling the tasks and challenges that will show up the next day. Giving your 100 percent to your work, with balance  can surely help you attain new heights personally and professionally.


It may seem like wealthy people do something extraordinary to amass their huge fortune, but it is as far from the truth. Bill Gates, who gained his first billion in 1986, has constantly been counted in the world’s richest people since then. His daily regimen is quite regular and easy to follow. Adopting the daily routine that Gates follow can help you get a feeling of walking in the footsteps of a great personality. This will push you to do better in every walk of life and achieve your goals and dreams before the deadline!