The Worst Productivity Killer And How To Get Rid Of It

Steff Holloway

4 March, 2018

So you aspire to be more productive and hence looking for improvements you can make to improve your lifestyle. You will go through a bunch of advice over the internet to incorporate. These will only overwhelm you leaving you confused hence making the situation worse. So where to start?

You can begin by making minor changes every day to draw the bigger picture. Start today by putting an end to your social media addiction. You’ve voluntarily spent hours everyday surfing through the feeds of your account. This has caused a direct impact on your productivity. Social media not only affects your productivity, but it also affects you in the following ways:

Detriment to Work

You spend a large fraction of your time scrolling through the tweets and snaps of your friends, colleagues, and celebrities. Even while working you find time to access all this irrelevant information. This leads to a diversion in your concentration which directly impacts your productivity. These distractions should be averted to receive the maximum potential while working.

Social media also harm your employment and prospects. Several Job recruiters check a potential employee’s social media accounts in search for profanity, poor spelling or grammar, racism, sexism. References to alcohol or drugs and sexual and religious content can act against your interest.

Steps you can take to minimize the diversions:

  • Take dedicated breaks: Use this allotted time to access your handles or take a break from work keeping fixed interval prevents you from constant desires to reach out for your phone.
  • Expand to professionals: Reach out to your colleagues switch to professional platforms such as LinkedIn. These platforms will help you regulate the quality of content you are getting through the time you spend on your phone.
  • Engage with the team: Try spending time with your colleagues discussing your projects. This will help you to build a better understanding and interpersonal relations with your team.

Social Media’s impact on Youth

Social media poses a negative impact on youth by creating a false sense of positivity and expectations. A study suggests a drop of 0.76 GPA in students with high usage of social media. This is due to constant attachment to their favorite celebrity. They reflect unrealistic standards of lifestyle that often sway younglings hence misleading them from personal growth.

Social media also pose a privacy threat to many users who often share personal data on these platforms. People always have a risk of getting catfished over the internet where they can lose personal and valuable data.

Here are specific measures you can take to prevent any threat due to social media:

  • Update your privacy settings
  • Monitor the content viewed by the kids
  • Never share sensitive information over Internet
  • Understand that often the information shared over internet is fabricated

Psychological Harm

The social media not only affects your productivity, but it also influences your mentality. You receive constant notifications which distract you and breaks your focus. This often spoils the moment when you’re in a meeting or even hanging out with your friends. All your friends continually updating their statuses and stories puts on a negative impact which is caused when you undermine your current position or lifestyle.

People crave to follow these fabricated realities and forced positivities over the internet which leads to self-harm and discontentment.

Trending news and gossips

You often fall prey to the latest updates and stories about your favorite celebrity and spend a lot of time indulging in the gossip and scandals they create. This has a direct impact on your productivity. Similarly, office rumors tend to spread faster through these social media platforms.

Here are a few measure you can take to avoid gossips and rumor through social media:

  • Understand that most celebrity news and scandals do not concern you
  • Avoid following stories that does not have concrete any basis
  • Keep a clear policy for social media use in the workplace. Communicate this in a positive way rather than creating strict punishments.
  • Get internal training to be aware of behavior on social media and its consequences
  • Talk to your employees and colleagues regularly to help identify uncertainties and raise awareness

Lack of privacy

Social media often compromise your privacy since they keep track of your activities, interests, and friends over the Internet. These also leave a possibility of being attacked by frauds and cons looking for sensitive information such as Bank details, Credit card number, Social identity details, etc. This also affects your career as employers often search through your social profiles in order to know more about you. Hence, you must keep your content regulated and avoid making any social or political remarks. Some common threats caused by social media are stalking, identity theft, personal attacks, and misuse of information.

False Relations

Social media users mistake their followers over these platforms as a source of comfort and often end up sharing their problems and griefs. People need to understand that the term ‘friends’ used over these sites are artificial and lack the intimacy of an actual bond of friendship. Social media has encouraged people to cherish the digital communication hence depreciating conventional conversations. This leads to a lack of confidence and poor interpersonal skills.

You should be aware that the bonds you create over the internet are volatile where most of the time people don’t care about the problems you face in daily life. One must go out and make real connections that help you grow into a better person.

When it comes to increasing your productivity, taking progressive steps can create considerable developments in the long run. Start by eliminating the addiction of social media today and use the hours you spent on your phone to do actual productive work.