The Only Resolution That Makes You Extremely Productive In Six Months

Steff Holloway

2 February, 2018

When it comes to working towards goals, people often tend to procrastinate. This is because they fail to define the work plan or don’t know where to start. The irony is, people often fail to stick to their resolutions. The idea that will make you more productive is actually breaking up your goals into simpler ones. This will give you the motivation to work on the smaller, easily-achievable tasks first. Breaking your humongous target into daily tasks will ensure that every drop counts.

Here are a Few Goals you can Achieve in the Next Six Months

Get The Job You Want

So you wish to pursue the career of your dreams and don’t know where to start. Start by making a plan. Break it down into more straightforward steps:

  • Meet people already pursuing the career- This will help you develop a deeper understanding of the skills required for the job.
  • Learn from their mistakes- Know their experiences, ask about the steps they took to get the job. These insights will give you the fool-proof plan to follow.
  • Take the courses required- Enroll yourself in the necessary courses or classes essential for the job.
  • Apply for the job!- Go out and apply for the job. Have faith in yourself and strive to achieve your career goals.

Get In Shape

In the modern lifestyle, Fitness in merely a goal for most rather than a regime. Focus on your fitness by actually taking the first step:

  • Change your diet- Little changes in your diet go a long way. Avoiding eating out and cooking your meal is a healthy lifestyle change you can make today.
  • Hit the gym- Take a gym membership and stick to it. Every hour you spend in the gym matters and takes you a step closer to your fitness goals.
  • Go out for a run- If getting a gym membership is out of your budget, just put on your shoes and go out for a run.

Complete your Book

Whether it is the book you are writing, or the book you are trying to read, make time for yourself and gradually achieve the goal:

  • Schedule a particular hour every day to work on the book.
  • Avoid distractions and invest your time in the book.
  • Your little progress every day will result in accomplishment.

Take your Course

Your consistency and willingness will help you take the course you wished to take. Enroll yourself in the course, and take time to attend your classes. If you fail to make time every day for your class, take an online course. An online course will give you the time flexibility, but showing consistency and attending every class is up to you.

Visit The Destination

To visit your dream destination, you need a plan so that you can make the most of it. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Collect information: Gather all relevant information; places to visit, transportation costs, commutations, cultural history, etc.
  • Start saving: Based on the information you collected, evaluate a probable cost and start saving. Use your money wisely and focus on the trip you aim to make.
  • Make time: Decide a date, free up your schedule and actually leave for the trip.

Get The Financial Security You Want

People often struggle financially due to lack of financial knowledge or simply more expenses than income. There are few baby steps you can take to achieve financial stability:

  • Control your expenses: Keep track of your costs, know your monthly bills and services you’ve opted. Spend your money wisely.
  • Pay-out your debts- Avoid using credit cards, pay out your debts. You can not save money as long as you’re paying interests on your debts.
  • Invest- Learn more about investing. Seek financial advice from experts. Educate yourself to be financially stable.

Get The Relationship You Want

Relationships take time to build. Your constant efforts and gestures will help you to develop long-lasting relationships. Here is the break down of the procedure:

  • Take time for your family- Invest time in your family and understand their expectations. Gradual family interactions and rituals will strengthen your relationship.
  • Go out on a date- Make an effort to find your right partner. Go out on a date and try to know them better.
  • Hang out with your friends- Improve your relations with your friend. Spending time with your friends relaxes you and make you more productive. So blow off some steam and enjoy some good company.

You open up a whole world of opportunities when you decide to make the first move. Take small gradual steps to draw the bigger picture. Planning your way ceases to be effective when you procrastinate and don’t make the right moves. So go out and accomplish the first task of today, this will get you a step closer to your goal.