Apps that Can Help you Stop Procrastinating

Steff Holloway

12 January, 2018

Procrastination is a deadly hindrance to your smooth working. At times it so happens, you have a number of works piled on, the deadline just around the corner and you are busy with something as unnecessary as socializing on social media. Or at times, you merely loiter around different websites, switching between various unnecessary tabs of the browser, completely ignoring the tab that actually needs your attention. Even, people with strong willpower and focusing capabilities fall prey to the evil of procrastination. So what’s the smart way to deal with this obnoxious habit? In this era, a smartphone is the solution to every problem.

7 Apps that can Help you Ward Off the Evil Eye of Procrastination

Procraster: This app is apt for those who tend to delay their work giving excuses like – “task is too big”, “don’t know where to start”, etc. To avoid even more delay, just download the app, open the procraster tab, match your current mindset and follow the advice given by the app step by step. Sincere adhering will lead to the completion of your work within stipulated time, and you won’t even feel the burden. Sadly, this app only supports an IOS device. IOS users, time to bid permanent goodbye to your bad habit.

Timewaste Timer: If you are a big-time facebook addict and your works get delayed because you over-engage in facebooking, download the app right now. This app acts like an old school guardian who believes that only punishment leads to improvements and penalizes you for every extra hour you waste on facebook. For every additional hour of Facebooking, you are charged $1 by this app, from your registered bank account. Pals, monetary loss is sure to correct your track!

Freedom: Freedom understands that to err is human and also, it is difficult, at times, to not give in, to your temptations. Thus it gives you a shortcut. You can block all those websites that distract you, or just block the whole of the internet, during your work hours. Thus if there is no way, will would also not be effective enough. Download this app to see yourself working like a boss. Free from distractions and always before deadlines. You can get the app from both the google play store and apple store.

Checky: Smartphones and an internet connection, it seems, will soon replace breathing. Nowadays, we check our phones even before properly waking up in the morning and then at night, we convince ourselves to keep away the phone, before finally succumbing to our day-long exhaustions. If we calculate discreetly, a lot of our time is wasted in scrolling the screen up and down, even if there is no new notification on our social media. It’s funny that people also have the habit of uselessly opening the screen lock, looking at the wallpaper and then again keeping the phone back. To stay away from this habit that wastes so much of your time, download checky and keep track of how often you check your phone. The guilt of wasting so much time will undoubtedly strengthen your willpower.

Take a five: Some people can’t work for hours at a stretch. It is necessary for them to take short breaks while working to maintain their level of concentration. But most of the time, the break time extends, cutting down the work time. If you are such a person, take a five will take care of you. Simply put a timer on the tabs that you open during that short break and browse until your time is up. You don’t have the scope of spending a few extra minutes on those tabs, here, because after the stipulated time, the tabs self-destroy themselves.

Yelling Mom:  Who can put a check on your daydreaming or habit of delaying tasks, most effective? Undoubtedly, it’s your mom. She would nag and nag and keep on nagging till you finally get convinced that doing your work is much peaceful than your mother’s prodding. Inspired by this, the app ‘Yelling mom’ came into existence. Just set a reminder in the app for a scheduled work and experience the app effectively pestering you to finish the job first, with obnoxious sounds ranging from wailing sirens to referees whistle to a melismatic disco diva (the sound of a yelling mom doesn’t exist in the app, though). Unlike your mom, you can control this app and its nag so, its effectiveness also depends on your willpower, to some extent. This app is only available for IOS users for a nominal price of $1.99.

Write or die: If standard measures are failing to get you on the right track, it’s time to take extreme steps. Write or die is one such extreme measure which increases your workload manifold if you don’t complete your work within the stipulated time. It also helps to shun away your habit of procrastination with annoying sounds and pictures.

It is very important to remember that apps can only ease your work, but the work has to be done by yourself. Take the help of the apps above and improve your productivity by shooing away distractions. Strengthen your willpower and believe in yourself because ‘where there is a will, there’s a way’.