5 Things Recruiters Look in your Profile

Nick Radlinskiy

30 March, 2018

Let’s keep things straight. It would be a waste of time if you go online looking for crucial information at a source, and its not present there! You probably would move on to the next article for the same query. Same goes for the recruiters. When it comes to profile hunting, failing to give them the information they are looking for will feign them off, and you lose yet another job opportunity.

Job portals and professional networking services have made the work of recruiters easier. They no longer have to hover over endless piles of resumes to shortlist the relevant ones. Recruiters, nowadays, search directly for relevant keywords to connect with the potential professional.

Your profile tells a story about your career track! This includes:

  • Who are you professionally?
  • What have you done at a given position?
  • What are your career goals?

Let’s take a Look at 5 Things you should Consider Perfecting in your Profile

#1. Display picture

Your display picture is your first impression. Keep in mind that job portals and recruitment networks are professional platforms where you should display picture that reflect your professional side.

For example, showing bare obliques is a good idea for your social networking profile like facebook, but definitely won’t seem appropriate for a professional networking profile like LinkedIn.

#2. Headline

Putting up a straightforward and an informative headline on your profile is crucial. So, recruiters would know at one glance what to expect from you. It is recommended to keep it short and crisp.

#3. Detailed summary

Include every relevant information about your professional sphere. Include keywords to increase your chances of showing up in the recruitment searches. Keep the summary short and stay to the point. Avoid using long paragraphs. Use bullet points instead to save recruiters’ time. This will impart easy readability to your profile.

#4. Accurate Job profile/position titles

Your position/Job profile titles should be accurate. They reflect what you do or did. Use professionally recognised keys. Describe your position with a sense of clarity. Highlight the key functions/role of your job. Keep the following points in mind:

  1. Relevant education and certifications.
  2. Include recommendations and endorsements

#5. Your resume should be crisp

Your resume contains not just your professional information but your personal info as well. The crux here is to be specific and crystal clear in your resume while communicating your professional caliber. This will keep them curious to know more about you. Further, incorporating the following things will provide you with an advantage over other candidates:

  1. Perfecting layout of your resume
  2. Mentioning your achievements.
  3. Mention any unique experiences that could make your resume jump out of the pile.
  4. Make sure no grammatical mistakes are there.
  5. Use relevant keywords.

It is crucial how frequently your profile is updated. Make your profile easy to find for the recruiters, and by keeping above-mentioned steps in mind you would be able to increase your visibility on any professional network.

We discussed above the things you should do to make your profile more appealing to recruiters.  

Now, let’s go through some Strict Don’ts About your Profile

Having no display picture: From a recruiter’s perspective, it’d seem straight and simple, you’re hiding something. Job portals and professional networks have hefty amount of profiles. So profiles having an appropriate display picture have higher chances of catching positive attention compared to the profiles without one. Having no display picture literally means you’re telling recruiters to not consider your profile at all!

Lack of Passion: Unstructured profiles tend to leave impression of being a passionless person. Your profile helps the recruiters to gain insights about your professional track. If you use boring and copied words from the internet, it’d draw a negative impression of you on the recruiters.

Not knowing about your abilities: HR department doesn’t know you personally. So, you’ve to identify your skills & abilities and mention them in your profile. Listing your professional skill-set precisely helps you getting screened-in for recruitment process.

You don’t know where to aim: Don’t express your desperation for the job. The headline of your profile should reflect what you have to offer to recruiters, and not what opportunities you seek/expect from them.

Leaving out the accomplishments: If you only mention what you did and leave out the results, it will communicate a negative impression. You should always mention your accomplishments.

Don’t go very ornamental: Don’t use overly creative approach. If a recruiter gets confused, he/she would not give you the benefit of doubt. Keep things straight and simple, not lengthy and confusing.

Don’t play with overused buzzwords: Job market is facing a competitive whiff. Every single person on the network is trying to express his/her level of excellence using old buzzwords. Stand out by keeping things simple, accurate, and specific.


Keep in mind that backing the data with achievements and accomplishments, will certainly put you in a strong position compared to others.

To boost your career, you need to strengthen your professional profile in every network. In this digital era, there are some handy tips, tools and platforms that help you supercharge your professional strike. Use the above-mentioned tips well to your advantage.