5 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn On a Daily Basis!

Steff Holloway

22 March, 2018

If you visit LinkedIn rarely, then you are missing out on opportunities to grow professionally. LinkedIn is more than just to look up a prospect’s credentials or to check a connection request notifications. It’s features go beyond prospecting and recruiting personnel. Continuously using this platform helps individual to gain an edge over others in their domain.

To Maximize the Value of LinkedIn’s Platform, One Must do the Following Things regularly

#1. Update status: Using “Share an Update” feature, let your connections know “what you’re up to” and “what’s on your mind.”

Remember the saying “Out of sight, Out of mind.” Status assists you in staying visible to your contacts. People should have your name on top of their mind. If you’re invisible on the site, then connections won’t be able to recall you when in need.

Not sure what to post on a daily basis ?

Post anything that answers ‘yes’ to this question, “Will this add any value to the readers?”

Some examples:

  • Quotes that inspire others to work hard.
  • Interesting news and stats that you come across.
  • Techniques that you learned today.
  • Excerpts from books that send strong messages.

Updating status on a daily basis may look like an impossible task, as one is not sure if they have content to write every day. With little observation, you will come across great ideas for your status.

If you encounter days when you have nothing to share, skip posting that day. But, try not to skip status posts for multiple days at a stretch. Maintain continuity and share your valuable insights.

#2. Access Learning: There is a “learning” tab on your dashboard under the “work” button. Devote few minutes every day to learn something new.

This is divided into three broad sections viz. Business, Creative and Technology. Library tab is available to ease the process of searching different sections.

Devote few minutes to read one or two articles. If you can spare more time, join courses offered by mentors. Watch videos and learn new skills. These courses/videos can be downloaded on your iOS or Android LinkedIn Learning app.

#3. Accept Connection Requests: Connection requests can build up over time if you aren’t active enough on the platform. Allocate few minutes every day to accept requests, from people who you would like to connect with. This is important for building your network.

How to choose whether or not to add someone in your circle?

Establish criteria to predefine the type of contacts you want in your LinkedIn network.

Some of these criteria may include:

  • Personnel in your field.
  • Users who are in the same LinkedIn group.
  • Legitimate Profiles.
  • Office Contacts.
  • Complete, up-to-date profiles.

#4. Acknowledge Contacts: Adjust settings to receive notifications when there is any update which relate to your contacts. These includes birthdays, job changes, work anniversaries, tag notifications, etc. This happens in real-time; hence, you can respond to your connections quickly.

Receiving these notifications as daily emails will get you in the habit of sending acknowledgment every day. Sending gratitude will take very less time. This will show your ability to nurture connections.

#5. Increase your First-Degree Connections: Lookout for new connections. Connect with users having a similar professional skill set, domain, or the industry as yours. This will help increase your network. It will even help you in attaining latest information. Send ‘these users’ connection requests. Connect with them to grow your knowledge bank.

#6. Bonus point# Join groups: LinkedIn allows up to 50 users to join a group. This will help in strengthening your position in your domain. To get the most of a group, post relevant information, and communicate with the members regularly. Contribute by commenting on others’ input. This will add value to the readers as well as to your profile.

All these activities can be completed in just about nine minutes. To develop a habit and make the best use of these nine minutes.

Choose a specific time of day to carry out activities as mentioned above. It will bring persistence in your work. Just like most of our habits, it is easier to carry out tasks when you schedule them and perform at a particular time of the day. Do it early in the morning as this is considered as the best time to learn new things.

Since you are allocating very less time to this activity, ensure to give yourself some space. Do it in a quiet environment with full concentration. This will help you in completing it quickly. Ensure to gain maximum benefit out of these few minutes.


LinkedIn is a great platform to assist you in career growth. Update your status regularly, increase your connections, appreciate them, and respond to the notifications. Invest your time to complete these activities. Performing these activities on regular basis will surely benefit you in the long-run. So, don’t forget to check your LinkedIn profile regularly.