Linkedin Wants You To Post Videos! Know How You Can Use It To Stand Out From The Crowd

Steff Holloway

5 March, 2018

LinkedIn launched the video feature in August of 2017 where millions of users began curating video content at their profile. This came as a visual delight to many employers who later ruled their judgment by such posts and feeds.

4 Tips to keep in Mind to make the most of LinkedIn Videos

#1. Content: The importance of your message

Center your video content around your job field to develop a credible source for your audience. React to various trends and upgrades in your career. It will generate a professional image and attraction of right audience. Your potential employer will finally rule their judgment keeping in mind that you are well aware of your business field and keep curiosity and enthusiasm for what you do.

A lot of content gets posted on LinkedIn follow the leading businesses in your job field, react to their posts, and share their news and articles. Engaging with the right people increase your chances to get the attention of employers. LinkedIn is also a spot for promotions of many big brands, so a little bit of self-promotion is acceptable.

#2. Consider the length

LinkedIn suggested the length to be between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Use this time to make relevant and precise videos. Share your reactions on the topics in your industry, frame the structure of your videos beforehand and keep your videos brief and informative. The quality of your videos will generate valuable and more professional opportunities.

Share your unique perspective through your videos and share your feedback on other posts and feeds. In conclusion, keep your videos short but make sure you convey the message.

#3. Look Out For The Trends

Keep an eye on the market upgrades and the new technologies that will make a wave in your industry. Share your reviews on the products and tools. You can also share video tutorials explaining the usage and viability of these products and services.

Keeping a coherency with the latest buzz will increase your social activity and appeal a much wider audience. Your latest content engages a lot of business enthusiasts, therefore, increasing your professional contacts. This gives you a professional advantage in the long run.

#4. Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

You can use LinkedIn if you are looking to promote your product or reach out to people to get your services to add value to their business. Develop a well-planned marketing strategy to get yourself a relevant audience base. Use other platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube to embed videos relevant to your agenda.

Keep your audience in mind.Decide the target of your campaign and act accordingly. This might sound easy at first but generating content according to the needs of the audience is an important step to make your online campaign successful.

Benefits of Adding Video to your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Adding media such as audio, video or images is an efficient way to stand out from the crowd. It is an exclusive way to present your profile to the public.

Here are the reasons why you should add video to your profile:

  1. It differentiates your profile from others.
  2. As the readers stay longer on your profile, they get to know more and imagine how better you can do their work.
  3. Visitors judge you as creative.
  4. It helps in presenting personality.
  5. We don’t only like to read; we also want to see something creative.
  6. Uploading past presentations can make more target audience visit your profile.

You may think that only designers or artist need to showcase their creativity visually. But in fact, every individual or professional has work that he can present through videos or images. It can be a presentation, a documentary or a short movie.

How to add Video to your Profile

In the above lines, we discussed the benefits of uploading a video to a personal profile. Now, we will discuss the steps to upload a video.

  1. Open LinkedIn and click on ‘Profile’ in the menu. Select ‘Edit Profile’
  2. You will see a small icon (+) in sections like summary experience and education. Click on that, and you get two choices; ‘Upload File’ or ‘Add Link.’ Click on upload file if you are adding a file from the computer or add a link if you want to link to a video on Youtube or any other website.
  3. If you place a media in one section and then decide to move to another section, then click on ‘Move this media to’ in the drop-down menu.
  4. If you want to delete a video that you uploaded a long time back or want to change it, then click on the icon that looks like a pencil in the lower right corner. Click on ‘Remove this Media’ and when it asks again, ‘Yes, remove it.’
  5. Whether adding or deleting media, don’t forget to click ‘save.’

Be sure that files are not longer than 100MB and you can add videos from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, UStream, and Brightcove.

Well, that’s about it! As a professional, you can increase engagement with your LinkedIn audience via the power of video content. Make full use of this powerful feature on LinkedIn.