3 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Connections to your Advantage

Steff Holloway

27 February, 2018

LinkedIn is all about showcasing your skills and abilities to potential recruiters, colleagues, and peers. It’s also a paradise for recruiters and publishers alike. But, at the core, it’s a business networking with the primary focus to connect various users. The most common thing everyone does on LinkedIn is, try to add first-degree connections.

First-degree connections are the people who you invite, and they accept or visa-versa. Then there is second-degree connection who are connections of your first connection but not directly connected with you. Similarly, there is third and subsequent connections. The thing to note is LinkedIn doesn’t show more than third-degree connections.

First-degree connections are of vital importance as LinkedIn provides a direct message option for these connections.

So you are building up your connections, why not think about leveraging from them to meet your professional or business goals. Isn’t that your ultimate motive on LinkedIn?

Let’s Discuss How One Can benefit from Their Connections on LinkedIn

#1. Getting more connections

As told above the first-degree connections provide something important that no other connection does on LinkedIn. I.E. option to directly send a message to them. One can utilize this option to start a conversation with them and benefit from them. First-degree connections also come in handy when you want to connect to a second-degree connection. You can get details about the second-degree connection you want to connect to from your first-degree connection and how they got connected and ask them if you can mention them in the conversation which will give a reference point to the conversation. This will help you grow your network on LinkedIn.

Occasionally “like” or comment posts of your connections to show them that you are interested in what they want to say. Post content on your feed that others find engaging and relevant. These can become conversation starters for future.

You can also make groups or join relevant groups be active in that group. Post content in the group and like and comment on the posts on the group. This will give you much-needed visibility on the platform which will help make more connections.

#2. More Profile visits

You have started interacting with your connections and also are active in groups now what? Your profile visit stats will boom! And why are they relevant? It’s all about getting noticed on LinkedIn. More profile visit means more people are noticing which, intern, means more job offer opportunity if you are there for a new job.

More profile visit also means that more people will send you invites to connect which can help to increase your first level connections thereby opening a new world of connections to explore.

Profile visits are not only important when you are looking for a job it’s important to build personal branding as well. If you have an online business you can include the link to your business to your profile which will increase traffic to your website and will help increase sales. Though LinkedIn allows to include only one link in your profile there are tools which help you to properly utilize that one link in your profile. These tools allow users to add more links which can be accessed by the other users after they click on the first link in your profile.

#3. Endorsements

Including skills on your profile is a great way to showcase your ability in a field to your peers, colleagues and even recruiters. LinkedIn allows you to add a maximum of 50 skills. Here comes another importance of your 1st-degree connections which have the option to validate the skills you have mentioned known as skills endorsements.

Endorsements strengthen your profile and increase the likelihood of your profile being discovered if searched by the relevant skills. You can manage to receive notifications for the same as well as hide a connections endorsement if you don’t want it to show.

Utilize your Connections!

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is great for professionals! But utilizing its potential is not everyone’s cup of tea. LinkedIn is all about connections. So if you manage your connections well then you will accomplish your objective on LinkedIn. Do use the above points to your advantage and become a great connector on LinkedIn. So start connecting and start achieving!