LinkedIn Headlines for Career Changers

Nick Radlinskiy

18 February, 2018

’First impression is the last impression.’ And your LinkedIn headline is the first impression to millions of professionals!

Career changers use LinkedIn profile. It is helpful for both employers and job seekers.Recruiters and job seekers are increasingly using LinkedIn to boost a career. To attract recruiters to your profile you need to make your headlines catchy. Here are a few ways why updating LinkedIn Headline is essential.

Promote Yourself – Through LinkedIn headline, you promote and describe yourself as a professional. Keep your profile public so that professionals and hiring managers can find you. Do not post your URL in the headline. Update a picture that promotes you; no photo means ‘nothing to see here.’ Join some relevant groups on LinkedIn to your business groups and professional interests.

Grab Attention – Linkedin headline can grab attention from the visitors to your profile. If the visitors get attracted by your headline, then there is a high chance of getting excellent opportunities. Like a LinkedIn user, wrote her headline as ‘Wickless candles fun?’ Sounds good? Similarly, write a statement or a line that is out of the box. Attract the attention of visitors through completing your profile, job title with descriptions, education, and skills. Make sure people want to click your profile to have a closer look at your experience.

Give A Message To The Market – LinkedIn works as a market for the individual. Job seekers and recruiters visit the profile so try to give a right message through your headline. It may increase an offer for an excellent opportunity. Do not give a word of desperateness to recruiters. They may judge you wrong if you don’t have precise information on your profile. For example, never write ‘seeking for a job or unemployed’ phrases as your headline. Let them be kept as a secret till they contact you.Try to search people who have an excellent headline and try to modify in your way. Use strong adjectives and phrases but do not be boring. All these can help you develop a market value for your bright future.

Describe What You Offer – Through headline of LinkedIn, try to tell the recruiters what you can do and what you are. You should mention professional qualifications and ability to do work on the front. It gives a brief about your skills to the visitor on your profile. You can connect to the recruiter to know about their job hirings and what they want from their employees. Nobody wants to hire people who are average, try to show them what great can you do (through headline). Be careful about what you are posting, do not post anything that is fake. Otherwise, recruiters may get annoyed, and you may lose your self-respect in the market. Yes, you read right, faking may lead to destruction in your career. Be clear about your designation.

Target Audience – While writing the headline you should be aware of the target audience and what you can offer (skills). You must niche your profile to 2-3 target audiences. Otherwise trying to give everyone everything, you’ll be too broad to appeal to individual projects. Remember, people will love the headline you design especially for them and nobody else. You have to give them full attention. For example, if you target teachers, specify ‘’Middle school Science Teacher’’. Be appropriate for the visitor to understand you.

Achieve Your Goal – To achieve your goal it is essential for you to understand what you can provide to the company. Headlines play a vital role in researching your profile by the visitors/recruiters. Be relevant about what you write on your profile, never fake about it. To differentiate yourself/ your business and your services, show what better can you do for them. Make right social connections and get in touch with the LinkedIn groups. Follow these simple steps, make your headline extraordinary and attract people towards you. And there you go, you may achieve your goal successfully.

Industry-Specific Language – When you’re creating your headline keep in mind the company or industry you want to work. For example, if you’re going to opt for a German Professor you need to make your headline attractive by writing something in the German language. It gives the reader/visitor a good impression of you. Writing about your skills on the headline is a good idea for your development of a career.

Do not use these following words in your headline:

  • Expert
  • Winning
  • Capable
  • Proactive
  • Hard-working
  • Superior
  • Best
  • Top Performing
  • Multi-Skilled
  • Jack Of All Trades
  • Seeking Employment
  • Unemployed

Hurry up! Change your headline and upgrade changes for your career. It may be helpful for you to attract visitors. Try to avoid the don’ts mentioned above.