Five Ways Doctors Can Use LinkedIn To Get More Clients

Steff Holloway

24 January, 2018

There is no platform like LinkedIn when it comes to exposing oneself and growing professionally. It is the one platform for all professions. So, why should doctors be any different? Yes, doctors can also showcase their expertise and grow their client base through the effective use of LinkedIn. And in the age of the Internet, this room to grow is limitless!

Tips on How Doctors can Grow their Client Base using LinkedIn

If you are a doctor, you have definitely heard of LinkedIn. But you may have never given it a second thought because you believed it was just for business owners. Or maybe you never saw the potential in it. But we are here to teach you how you can also use LinkedIn to grow. Here are the five ways how you can grow your client base using LinkedIn.

#1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the face of your professional presence online. So optimizing it to the best of your ability is pivotal to your professional growth. Craft your headline, summary, and other details carefully. Your headline should be concise, catchy and able to deliver a vivid vision of your goals. Use a profile picture that has a professional look to it. A professional doctor profile has more credibility.

Identify 4 or 5 top keywords related to your job title or profession. Insert these keywords in your profile headline, summary and job description. When adding information about job title, organization or skills, remember to select relevant keywords suggested by LinkedIn. These are highly specific and popular keywords. Using them instead of making your own will make you more likely to be discovered. Complete your profile to make it readily searchable using the LinkedIn search bar.  Add every bit of relevant information about you that you think your clients should know. Include your skills, your experience in the medical field, your professional and personal goals, etc. Your profile should reflect your values and what you have to offer as a medical professional.

Make sure your profile visibility is on to the public. Otherwise, clients trying to find medical professionals will not come across your profile. As for profile URL, it is the web address of your LinkedIn profile. By default, it may contain a random set of characters. Take the time to edit it. Insert your name into it. It is another step towards getting discovered by potential clients.

#2. Join Relevant Groups

It is a basic human tendency to be around like-minded people sharing information with one another. LinkedIn groups are a virtual implementation of this belief. LinkedIn groups are a haven for professionals from the same line of work or interests to hang out together. It allows them to share content in forms of group posts, comments, answers to questions, or job ads. Therefore, it is significant to join and participate in groups relevant to one’s profession.

Some popular and worthwhile groups for professionals in the medical field are:

  •     Medical Doctor Network
  •     Networking for Business Professionals and Doctors
  •     Innovations in Health

Join the above and other similar groups. Start conversations with the other members about the content posted in the group. Participation is the best way to reap the rewards from LinkedIn groups. So, start posting your own content and prompt others to participate in the discussions pertaining to your post. Assist in answering questions posted in the group regularly.The more you answer questions, the more members will become aware of your presence in the group. Delivering value to the group through your expertise in the medical field will not go unnoticed; it will help you gain exposure and credibility. And both are essential for professional growth.

# 3. Make Use of LinkedIn Pulse

Introduced in 2014 by LinkedIn, Pulse has emerged as a powerful tool. It allows blogging oriented users to publish their content on LinkedIn. When comes to growing online, LinkedIn Pulse can be utilized to a huge advantage over traditional means. It carries your ideology to the like-minded people and helps you build an established online presence.

More and more people are getting aware of the importance of health these days. With LinkedIn Pulse, you can blog about most common medical conditions, how to take precautionary measures, how to stay fit and healthy, etc. This will help you build a personal connection with LinkedIn users who share your interests in the medical industry.         

To create credibility among your potentials clients, you must keep a few things in mind. When posting content using LinkedIn Pulse, make sure your content is original. It does not have to be articles, pictures or videos copied and pasted from some other source. Make your content unique and considerably good. If you have to research, do it well. People appreciate the well-researched content. It is also important to include links to your blog or website in your Pulse post. You will want people who appreciate your work to discover your brand!

#4. Solicit Recommendations

LinkedIn is a network where one person is connected to another either directly or indirectly. Requesting recommendations on LinkedIn is a highly effective way to connect directly with the ones you are indirectly connected with. So, start asking your patients and colleagues to recommend you to the people they know on LinkedIn. Solicit your previous patients to leave reviews that you can use them on your LinkedIn profile.

It is the beauty of LinkedIn that it allows to users to choose which reviews to keep and which to discard. There is a chance that one or two of the reviews you get may be negative. Don’t worry. It’s not your expertise and hard work, it is just people. So, go through the reviews. Pick the positive ones and discard the ones that are negative. It may seem like a lot of effort, but it will help the number of your clients grow fourfold.

#5. Use Promoted Updates

Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn also allows its users the luxury of using sponsored posts to promote themselves or their brand. But on LinkedIn, it’s a totally different experience. On a majority of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, promoted content is displayed on the feed of users regardless of their interests or profession. On the contrary, LinkedIn tailors sponsored content to a specific audience regarding interests, profession, location, and role. This is a more efficient and detailed way of audience targeting.

So, to expand yourself and reach your intended audience, you must consider exploiting the benefits of LinkedIn’s unique audience targeting. You may have to spend some money because no social media platform promotes content for free. But the results you will get will make it a worthwhile investment. And don’t hold back from using a “call to action” in your promoted updates. You never know when little efforts can turn your audience into potential clients.

These were the five ways in which doctors can use LinkedIn for business growth. Contemplate every point carefully and give your career a boost. I hope you found the article helpful. If you have any queries/doubts to share with me, feel free to do that. I would appreciate it. And good luck with your practice!