All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Pulse

Steff Holloway

4 January, 2018

LinkedIn Pulse, an application created by two Stanford students, Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari, was a news aggregation app when it was first launched in 2010. But after its integration with LinkedIn, in 2015, LinkedIn pulse precisely provides a social platform to members to share their self-published content with their audience. The app houses articles, blogs, and content related to business ideas and other insights from individuals who aim to establish themselves as an authority on the social network and expand their outreach.

The features of LinkedIn Pulse

Timely news as per your field: LinkedIn ensures that you get timely updates of your industry and that too on a regular basis. You get to see all the updates by your industry professionals right on your timeline. Plus you can save the article for further reference too. Never be outdated!

  • Push notifications: The push notification feature on LinkedIn Pulse never lets you miss any information about your industry. Even if you are too busy to check your timeline, the push notifications make sure that you don’t remain blank about the update. The notifications give you a slight information on the update, which you can read in details later.
  • Top 10 daily headlines on the Apple watch: if you sync your LinkedIn Pulse app to you apple watch, the app will keep you notified of the top 10 headlines of the day. It is a great help to those who need to be at the top of headlines to stay ahead in their profession.

LinkedIn Pulse is not an ordinary social media app for professionals. It is the most trusted platform where people from different fields come together for the growth of the professional landscape. The CEOs of the 100 most influential companies are active users of LinkedIn which clearly proves its credibility. More than 360 million people are active on LinkedIn from over 200 countries. Since language should never be a barrier, this social network service supports 24 languages.

Benefits of being an active user of LinkedIn Pulse

Reaching The Target Audience: there are many bloggers worldwide, and each of them writes on different genres. The beginning of the process is good- you write an article, correct the mistakes and upload it to your blog. The main problem starts after publishing- did your content reach the audience who would take an interest in or benefit from your article? Such doubts don’t linger in your mind when you publish your article on LinkedIn pulse because you know the interests of the users of the app and you chisel out your content accordingly. Thus, right content is reaching the right audience.

Boost your SEO efforts: SEO is a factor that affects the popularity of an article. LinkedIn pulse receives a lot of traffic from various sources including main LinkedIn platform as well as search engines. Publishing regularly on Pulse will be useful for improving the visibility of your site on search engines.

Creating your Forte: LinkedIn is a reputed application of its genre, and the content on it is considered to be a lot more credible than the content on any other site. Thus, publishing posts on your LinkedIn Pulse profile give an added support to your professional background as the content becomes a part of your LinkedIn profile.

Revealing your expertise: the content published by you reflects your expertise in the field that you have written about. Publishing your articles on LinkedIn pulse attracts people from your field thus making you more open to opportunities.

Tips on using LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is no different from any other blogging platform except that it has an exact reach regarding audience and colossal networking.Publishing an article on LinkedIn Pulse is just the same as on the other blogging platforms, but there are few things that you need to keep in mind to make your upload more effective.

  • Gauge Well: Don’t rush into uploading your article before properly studying the type of existing contents and also the audience. Posting something irrelevant will spoil your reputation and reduce your followers.
  • Focus on your content: Your content should reflect your expertise in the field. Don’t try to cover too many topics under the same article. Though there isn’t any word limit, try to limit your article to three paragraphs. Remember, less is more.
  • Connect Visually: Relevant pictures in between your articles can vamp up the presentation and attract more audience. Always try and put relevant pictures, graphs for easier comprehension and zing.
  • Choose a clickbait title: Always remember, the title of your article creates the first impression on your followers. So make sure you devote some extra attention to the title.
  • Be Consistent: Being consistent with your uploads is necessary to keep your followers intact. It is necessary that you decide a publishing plan and work accordingly. Try to stick to your deadlines and work according to your plans.

How can you Benefit from Posting Articles on the LinkedIn Pulse

For An Individual: Writing useful articles consistently boost your followers and help you build meaningful relationships. The consistency would increase your credibility in the industry and people from the related field would come to know about your skills. Your talents and knowledge would get exposed positively, and thus you would get better career opportunities. He would slowly build a strong and authentic network and would be able to exploit the opportunities. As a fresher and jobseekers your prospects will grow multifold.

For Businesses: The main agenda of any business is building a reputation and a client base. LinkedIn Pulse offers you an audience. If you can engage the audience with meaningful content, you are bound to create an impact and accomplish marketing goals in relatively lower budgets. LinkedIn Pulse can help you in your SEO efforts, brand building and traffic generation endeavors. It can prove to be a goldmine if you are operating in a B2B segment and use Pulse to broadcast insights.


Use LinkedIn pulse to share your thoughts and professional expertise with an audience who is seeking the same. At the same time, stay connected to the latest development in your industry. Remember, a few years down the line, a majority of jobs will be knowledge-based. To succeed in that situation, you need a companion like LinkedIn Pulse to help you stay updated on things that matter. When mass media is going gaga over celebrities and has become a propaganda machine of politicians, LinkedIn Pulse will always be your destination to acquire knowledge.