LinkedIn is Boring? Five Tips to Make it more Interesting

Steff Holloway

28 November, 2017

We have all been there! Professional networks like LinkedIn sometimes cease to be exciting. Same old newsfeeds, ‘professionalism’ and discussions can increase our boredom. Though, sometimes LinkedIn throws bundles of engaging and useful content at us, but the activity feed brings down the enthusiasm. We often come across unrelated news feeds excluded from our interests and professions. However, all is not lost, my friends! We have some ways to make LinkedIn more interesting.

Follow these Tips to Make your LinkedIn User Experience more Exciting and Tasteful

LinkedIn is often tagged as a boring online social platform by its users. Call it the design. This platform works the best the way it does. However, users can spice up their experience with these tips.

Connect with interesting people!

You might not have realized it, but LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity to connect with interesting people around the world. Browse through various fields and industries to find these individuals. You will be surprised. Getting to know different people with a different mindset and thought process is undoubtedly a fun prospect. While staying in your network, with people related to your domain only can be a tedious activity. Do not limit yourself to your area. Explore the world and network with quality individuals. Professionals on LinkedIn are intellectually seasoned. All of them have value to offer to others. Maybe you can connect with an Italian Pizza chef or a Russian nuclear scientist! Who knows? Engaging with such a variety of people will give some food for thought to you. Apart from boosting your global industrial exposure, you will be adding to your cross-cultural knowledge as well!

Form a LinkedIn group about your interests

There is no greater joy than exploring interesting ideas and topics with others, especially, when the topics are your passion or a hobby. It is not a new trend though. Hobby groups, interest clubs, and enthusiast groups have been there for a long time. Then why LinkedIn? Simple! Because it allows you to connect with intellectual professionals who may share interests similar to yours. Maybe you are a Paleo-diet enthusiast or an RC toys builder or merely interested in preserving the environment. Go create that group on LinkedIn and add people who might be interested. Creating interest/hobby groups on LinkedIn is indeed an exciting proposition. You can engage in online discussions, gain insights and new ideas and even host local events about a topic. All this comes with a high quality regional and global members. Make use of this feature enhance your LinkedIn user experience.

Build your brand and following on LinkedIn!

True, we all want to be known for something great. People crave to be recognized for their intellectual virtue and talents. It is something that defines our caliber. What other platforms be better than LinkedIn to express your potential? This platform allows you to build a personal brand and shining online presence. People judge other people by their professional image. Having a curated and neat LinkedIn profile will help others recognize your caliber. Engage with people as an expert. Share your ideas and understand theirs. In other words, be willing to deliver the value you have as a person. It will gradually, if not immediately, build your online authority and followership. Being heard or even followed by people for knowledge and professional virtues is quite impressive. For example, you might be a recruiter who builds following by sharing his/her knowledge of corporate recruiting. Build a network where you are valued for your expertise and offerings, and LinkedIn won’t be boring again.

Follow your role models

Following  people you idealize is a great way to spice up the LinkedIn user experience. You might be a fan of corporate leaders, celebrities or other unique personalities. Opt for a news feed by following them and get in touch with their latest activities and ideas. This action also allows you to stay in touch with industrial and professional trends. After all, staying side-by-side with influencers has its benefits. The content these influencers post is worth your time. Get into a habit of reading it regularly. At no time, LinkedIn will become your thought generator!

Explore the LinkedIn features!

Is it possible that we judged LinkedIn too quickly? Think again! This platform has so many exciting features that we may have overlooked. Check out the ‘Who’s viewed your profile?’ tab. This feature tells you who checked out your profile. It may be an opportunity to contact the person back and build a robust professional network. Similarly, check out the ‘Searches you appeared in’ feature. This shows the number of times your profile appeared when someone was looking for a specific profile. You can gain insights as to how visible and popular your LinkedIn profile is. Another powerful feature is ‘See Alumni’ button from various institutes worldwide. With one click, get in touch with your old colleagues, people from the same institute as yours or former professors. This is a great way to establish healthy contacts while keeping things interesting.

LinkedIn is continuously evolving. It is a dynamic platform best suited for professionals. It might seem boring at times. It is because we limit ourselves in front of its features. It is an exciting platform that drips with potential. Make the best use of it keeping the above tips in mind.