How to Write a Perfect Resume when you are Confused about What to Do Next in Life

Steff Holloway

1 April, 2018

Switching career will help you attain the feeling of contentment, especially if you don’t love what you do presently. In fact, a quote from a famous American singer Marc Anthony describes it the best,”If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

What to do next in future?

However, not everyone knows what career they should choose. The only definite thing they know is they are not satisfied with their current job. There are certain things one can do to help understand what career they should undertake in future. Let’s discuss some:

  • Pen-down your interests: Listing down your interests will help you to narrow down your future career options. After all, everyone wants to do a job which involves their much-loved interests.
  • Eliminating what you don’t want to do: Ordinally, it’s much easier for people to eliminate things they don’t like rather than choosing what they love. Eliminating options will leave you with choices that could prove to be great alternatives for you.

Resume plays prominent importance in your selection for any job. A resume is a window from which a potential employer looks at the potential employee. In Fact, it takes only 25 seconds for a recruiter to decide whether to go ahead with your resume or ditch it.

Writing a perfect resume can not only land you an interview with a reputed company, but it can also drastically increase your chances of getting the right job.

Here are some Tips you Should Follow to Write an Irresistible Resume

#1. Structure your resume

Recruiters don’t read your resume thoroughly. They skim through your resume. Improper structuring might allow recruiters to skip through critical information about you. Eventually leading to a missed opportunity. Following are the points you should consider while structuring your resume:

Using appropriate format: If you don’t have creative interests then you should use the most popular and widely accepted resume format, i.e., reverse chronological format. This helps showcase your latest work experience on top of your resume followed by your previous work experiences. The advantage of this type of resume format is that majority of recruiters are familiar with it, and they know how to skim through the resume in the said format.

On the other hand, the above format won’t suit you if you are inclined towards creative tasks. For being creative, you should use combinational format. It’s a combination of Functional and reverse-chronological resume. This type of resume is best if you have sufficient work experience and skill. It lets you highlight both at the top of your resume. Another advantage of this format is it can be tweaked as per the requirements, as it doesn’t have a set format.

Mention contact information on top: Irrelevant to the format you choose, your contact information should be on top and instantly visible to recruiters. Recruiters don’t have sufficient time to search for the needed information in your resume. Hiding it somewhere in the resume or mentioning it later in the resume will decrease the chances of getting a call from them.

Further, don’t use your current work Email ID and even a casual personal ID like Make a professional looking personal Email ID like and add that to your resume.

#2. Highlight transferable skills and accomplishments

Even if you are unsure about the type of job you want, it is eminently important to highlight the skills which can be utilized in multiple domains. There are numerous skills which can be utilized for various jobs. Some of the examples are:

  • Innovative problem solver
  • Time management
  • Project management skills
  • Capable decision-maker

Remember to mention how and where you have utilized the said skill. This will solidify your claim that you possess the mentioned skill set.

Accomplishments are also something one should be proud of. You should also highlight your accomplishments from previous work experience. Doing this will present how dedicated and efficient you were in your previous jobs. Ultimately boosting your chances of getting an interview call from a potential employer.

#3. Be precise

As we have discussed above, the time spent by recruiters on a single resume is only a few seconds. And if you want to get noticed, you should write short and crisp points which, the recruiter can instantly notice. Writing lengthy statements will burden the recruiter to skim through more information in the limited time frame. It will make it difficult for him to search for relevant information and he might even skip few key points in the process. Eventually getting your resume dumped.

Perfect resumes are not the ones with the most experience and information in them in multiple pages; they are the ones with visible precise information.

The perfect example of this is Novorésumé’s version of Elon Musk resume. The resume is only a single page long. But it is filled with precise and relevant information about him.


Your resume is your ticket for next job. So, do spend time and effort while making your resume. Also, following the above-mentioned steps will certainly help your resume to stand-out from the crowd, even if you are indecisive about the domain you want to work.