Hot Career Options in Blockchain Industry

Steff Holloway

27 March, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology on which they work, known as blockchain, gained popularity sometime a year ago when the cryptocurrency named Bitcoin came to public attention. All the different cryptocurrencies work on the blockchain, which acts as a software platform.

Blockchain work on the peer to peer (P2P) technology. Blockchain technology is like an immense public ledger. In blockchain platform, blocks are created, and all the data including financial data is stored in it. These blocks are stored on all the nodes that are part of the blockchain network. Thus, infinitely reducing the risk of manipulating the stored data and odds of being hacked.

As blockchain grew more and more popular, various jobs prospects associated with this industry also came to the forefront. As an industry that is fairly new and in its nascent state, new jobs are being created every day.

Let’s Discuss Some of the Most lucrative Professions in this Industry Today

Blockchain Developer

Since blockchain is a software platform, programming and development are bound to be the best job option in this industry. Further, more and more organizations are opening up to the idea of digital currencies, because of which professionals related to the development of blockchain are in high demand.

Early blockchain platform were created in the programming language C++, but nowadays different languages are being used to develop blockchain networks such as Python and NodeJS. High command and proficiency in any of these programming languages will be highly useful for people thinking of joining this industry.

Also, people with knowledge of web development, back-end development and the idea of networking and security are sought after for this industry.


The blockchain is still a relatively new technology, and thus marketing of this platform is a very well-paying business. Many new organizations and now even countries are starting to accept cryptocurrencies. To market those digital currencies to regular people, marketing professionals with a little experience in Blockchain platform are required. The number of companies that want to incorporate blockchain into their business model is increasing day by day, and thus professionals with a penchant for technology marketing are moving to this industry.


Since blockchain gained popularity due its financial advantages, professionals with financial expertise are always in high demand in this industry. Presently, blockchain platform is widely utilized to develop new cryptocurrencies, which does not require any middleman, thus removing the need of banks during the transfer of funds. To implement this technology on a large scale, employees with an understanding of finances are required.


Another big opportunity in blockchain industry is of investment. Becoming a professional investor and investing in this diversified industry will be highly rewarding. As we get to understand the potential of this technology more by each passing day, the money to be made by professionally investing in this platform is also increasing. More and more companies are starting that are taking blockchain platform to a higher potential. Thus, investing in companies that are working on this platform is going to return a lot of profit on investment.

Writers and Educators

More people are being attracted by this industry by each passing month. And to teach those people about the basic skill set required by this industry, writers and educators are required. Every day more is being written and explained about this field than ever before. And to continue to maintain a high interest of people in this technology, well-explained documentation is required so that more people can exploit this new technology.


As the number of businesses interested in incorporating blockchain technology increases, the demand for law services in the Blockchain and digital asset space will also tend to grow. Many new businesses have emerged with the creation of Blockchain technologies, and practically all of these businesses will need certain amount of legal guidance throughout their launch process.


The influx of businesses and people that are trying to integrate blockchain technology in their day to day life is on the rise, but since the technology is not quite old, the number of people who have true expertise in this platform is very limited. Thus, to support those who are just starting in this field, individuals are required who can troubleshoot issues of people relating to this technology.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Following industries are also actively looking for people with knowledge of blockchain:

  1. Gaming Industry is hiring people with knowledge of blockchain platform to develop in-game payment transaction to directly manage payments as easily as possible.
  2. Music Industry is employing blockchain experts to manage direct payments between artists and buyers so that charges caused due to middlemen can be eliminated.


The variety of jobs available in the blockchain industry is immense and are not limited to a particular profession, but instead is open to a large number of people working in the different field. Even though the potential of the blockchain technology is not yet known, it’s a good time if anyone is planning to switch to this industry for better job prospects.