Are you Bad at Networking? This is How you Can still Connect with the High and Mighty

Steff Holloway

9 March, 2018

Networking is essential for success in the workplace and many times in also finding a right partner with the complementary skill set. It is also important in getting noticed or being in touch with people at influential positions. “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work,” said Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman, and author. But not everyone is comfortable in doing it. For introverts (myself included), networking is like going to a dentist and getting a root canal done. Damn it’s scary! But introverts can be better networkers than people who appear outgoing on the surface.

6 Tips How to Become better Networker

Networking is an art and science of interacting with people. It’s about studying what people respond too and connecting with people. It seems though for some people but it’s not that of a big deal if you follow some points that will eventually help you in connecting with influential people even if you are bad at it:

#1. Being yourself

The best thing to do what you interact with someone is being who you are not putting on a face to impress others. It might attract a few people if you don’t behave like your actual self but ultimately they will figure out who you are and will part ways. “Be yourself. The world worships the original.” said Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman. Also, being who you will attract only those who are interested in you. And as you don’t have to fake anything you will feel more comfortable in having a conversation.

#2. Connect with more people

It seems to be a daunting task to connect with more people, but it’s easier than ever now to do that. Online is the way to go today. Setup your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and another website if you not have done already and connected with people based on your interest as it will be easier to talk to another person when you have something in common. Connect with leaders and mentors in your field. Also, don’t skip on an outing with colleagues or people from the industry. This will help you get in touch with them, even with high authority people, as there is lack of hierarchy in an informal environment which makes it easier to talk to anyone.

#3. Find out what makes you unique

Find out what is that thing that makes you better than others. Find that trait and excel on it further. People want to connect with the ones who bring value to them. It will also get you noticed by your superiors as you will be more confident in that task and will not be afraid to talk about it or do it. Remember this beautiful quote,” your uniqueness is your identity, preserve it. To shine in a crowd, you have to be different from others.”

#4. Be the host of a Social event

There is no better way to connect with people than in a social meet. Everyone likes to attend networking events. Start with inviting your contacts and ask them to invite their contacts too. This will eventually help you expand your reach. Not good at cooking? Why not start a meetup or create a Facebook page and be an active member of that. Remember to invite those who have a good social network. They can attract a lot of influential people.

#5. Be a good listener

One would ask how this is important in networking? Well, in social events people like to talk about themselves and not listen. You can be the one who listens to them. Which will make you an important person as there are not many people who can do the listening part well. Also, it is respectful if you don’t interrupt while the other person is talking. “One of the most sincere forms of respect is listening to what another has to say,” said Bryant H. McGill, international bestselling author. And who doesn’t like being respected?

#6. Help others

Being helpful does wonder in making rapport with other people. Try to help people personally and professionally. Irrelevant to them being your junior or superior. One can also help connect two people who can benefit from each other. This will help you in becoming friends with acquaintances and make an even stronger bond with the ones you already are friends.

Wrapping up!

Remember that you are just connecting with human beings like you. They will not bite if you talk to them! Just be who you are and lead with your strengths in mind. Don’t be afraid and follow the above steps. Eventually, your efforts will help you connect with the people you want to and will help you grow, personally and professionally.