5 Ways to Get into Software Product Development Jobs

Steff Holloway

22 February, 2018

The demand for software professional will exponentially grow in future. Software Product Developers are those who know how to build products for a society that is entirely dependent on technology. It’s not only about the tech giants like Facebook, Google or Apple. Almost all the industries are directly or indirectly reliant upon the Software Coders, Product Developers, and Testers. Companies like Salesforce, 37Signals, LevelUp are ready to offer high wages to developers who could solve their business issues. The world’s addiction to technology is making the software developer’s role more significant. Insurance Companies, Military Operations, Universities, Medical Corporations, and Governmental Firms also need Software Product Developers

Benefits of choosing Software Product Development field as Career

Technology will change in the coming years, making it difficult for the professionals to deal with advancements. Those who will lack the on-job experience might end up with disappointment. So the best way deal with the situation is to become a Software Product Developer. Once onboard you will be able to deal with the cusp of technology. And no technological reforms will bother you in future. Now the million dollar question is how to get a job in the software field. Well, few guidelines will make your job search journey a piece of cake.

Follow Industry Specific Portals offering Software Development Jobs

In today’s dynamic era, with innovations all around the competition in acquiring best software job is soaring. Some individuals lack resources. Others are taking full advantage of their friend circle and referrals. Then there are some who are particular to work for specific positions only. To find a specific position they must follow the industry portals religiously. Variety of software jobs should be listed on the industry-specific portals. With these job portals, one can easily find their aspiring software job. The industry-specific portals have current software job opening, best suited for experienced and fresh graduates.

Make Most out of Referrals

Today leading companies rely on employee referral programs to hire best of talents. Recruiters from the software industry connect with the current employees to get references. So, increase your social circle if you want to get a software job through a referral. Possibilities are that one of your friends refer you to a position you always dreamt. Call your colleagues, or corporate friends and quote your need. Hiring chances of the referred candidates are higher than those who aren’t. If you are a fresh graduate, then don’t be picky about location or salary preferences. Once you get a job get your foot in the software product development sector. Location and positions can be negotiated later as you gain experience in the same.

Pro tipIf you do not have an active network, then review the LinkedIn page of the company. Review the employee’s list. Find 1st or a 2nd-degree connection.

Optimize the Resume

You cover letter should cover all your strengths and skills. Employers focus on substantial and concrete information only. So concentrate on making a professionally sound, and visually impactful cover letter. Ask for professional help to make sure your CV is optimized highlighting the best of your expertise. Get Noticed! It is believed that most of the resumes are trashed even before a recruiter can see it. Today most of the organizations implement ATS tracking system to filter the best resumes. The system pre-scans the resumes for key phrases and relevant keywords. It selects only those resume which passes the ATS scan. The chosen resumes are sent for further human reviews. This saves a lot of time for the recruiters and hiring managers. It means that your resume has high chances of being skipped instead being selected. To make sure your resume goes to the second review, focus on involving keyword.

Follow these tricks and let ATS approve your resume.

Use Relevant Keywords: Add relevant Keywords to the resume. The keywords should better define your skill as a software professional. The hiring manager programs the ATS to pick those keywords. For Instance “Software Tester.” “Software Product Developer,” “Certified Software Engineer”.

Pro tipDon’t forget to add acronyms for any specific certification, language, or specialization. For instance, Certified Software Development Professionals (CSDP).

Forget the career objective think from the Employer’s perspective

Forget those long sentences such as “hard-working professional.” Instead, put extremely important details in bullet points. Include keywords in the skills. Sprinkle right amount of keywords throughout the sentences. ATS friendly skills if added carefully might enhance your fate.

Pro tip: use “Wordle” and “TagCrowd” to find out the best keyword which defines your niche. Software Product Development Job Seekers should find keywords related to software languages JQuery, HTML5, AngularJS.

Let Your Online Presence Speak For You

Most of the times employers check your recent past in the search engine. Therefore it is essential to building a personal blog. As a software job seeker, you should be aware of the latest software product development techniques. Pen down some thoughts, or articles about your specializations. Articles must include the techniques you implemented in recent times. It is suggested to share experiences to gain online visibility. People will approach your blog to solve their queries. The effort would expand your knowledge, at the same time, you will get exposure. The blog in its best way will illustrate your versatility with latest coding trends. In this way, you will get an edge in the software industry. Employers may accept your application owing to your digital presence. So your chances of being noticed will be doubled.

Pro tip: dzone is so far the best software development blog that should be followed to stay in trend.

Focus on the Presentation Style

An interactively formatted presentation stands out. Focus on the designs, matter, and format.

  1. How about adding a photo: Update Resume with a photo. A professional photo may give you an edge. Quality photos build an empathetic connection. (Note: if you don’t prefer putting image then be relaxed. Nobody cares about looks as long as the talent criteria are met.)
  2. Choosing Good Fonts: Ensure that your resume is clean, modern and readable. Georgia, Calibri, Constantia are amongst some popular fonts which can be used in resumes.
  3. Layout Matters: Show some creativity on the resume. But don’t get overwhelmed!

Pro tip: to build a modernized yet simple resume choose a simple template. “Google Docs” gives a plethora of choices for resume template. Choose one and get started.

Software engineering is amongst the top five in-demand professions. Canada, Australia, Russia have a significant need for Software Developers. So, utilize your skills to be the most sought-after individual today. Play your stroke of luck!