Get a Job on Cruise Ship without Relevant Experience

Steff Holloway

12 February, 2018

Cruise Line is for those who love to travel and are “21” or over. Cruise life tempts the youngsters as it offers money for traveling. Isn’t that cool! One can apply to work for a cruise ship with or without experience. Numerous cruise lines around the world hire individuals who have a passion for traveling the world.

Analyze the benefits of the Cruise Ship job

Cruise Ship working experience is once-in-a-lifetime thing. Additionally, the experience is luxurious and involves tons of money. The catch is you don’t get weekends off. So brace yourself to work on all seven days with variable shifts. Cruise ship line is a perfect career for those who love adventure and eager to see the world.

Figure out if sea life is beneficial for you

Before choosing the career discipline, you need to introspect if you are the best fit for the job. This can be done just by answering these three questions.

  1. Are you comfortable meeting variety of individuals?
  2. Would you thrive on maintaining your patience in permanently revolving environment?
  3. Are you adaptive to working with different set of people?

Pro tip: Determine all your sickness. One can expect light seasickness due to inertia.

Identify which cruise line would be comfortable for you

A lot of data is available online regarding employment on a cruise ship. To attain the best cruise lines positions look for valid recruitments. Most of the cruise lines already have their youtube channels. To be sure check their mission, vision and cruise recruitment agenda. For instance, check Youtube for some leading cruise line channels:

  1. Alana Travels
  2. Get a life at the Sea

Select a Cruise Line after validating

Every cruise line comes with a range of facilities and benefits. Some are identical. However, others are entirely different. Some are known for their customer service while others are known for their amenities. Choose the lines as per your convenience. The cruise line selection should be such that you can match your skills with their service agendas. For instance, broads cruise lines would offer a wide traveling option. A small cruise line will provide a tight atmosphere.

Pro tip: Search job opportunities at Royal Caribbean, the big 3, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise lines.

How To Apply

Once you are settled with the Cruise line proceed with the application. Go to the employment link which is provided on the homepage. Remember it is difficult to navigate the employment links on the website of the cruise line. To deal with this issue don’t forget to check the footer of the site.

Pro tip: Share the profile with a personal email. This approach will improve the chances of being noticed.

Filter the positions which go with your interest

Cruise lines consider candidates with pleasing personality. So, having a relevant only cruise experience is not mandatory. Analyze your past employment, volunteers, and educational experience. The employer would consider candidates who have a passion for traveling and are patient enough to survive in different crew atmosphere. Cruise line renders diverse experiences. Employee’s at the cruise line work with different teams within a diverse environment. Often one year of experience is required for high end or luxury cruise lines.

Build a customized cover letter

Most of the recruiters from the shipping industry usually skim resume for approx. 5 seconds. To deal with it, you need to focus on impressing them with a formatted cover letter. To do so, cater your resume specifically for every cruise line wherein you are applying.

Pro tip:

  • Utilize portable document such as MS-Word. The length of the resume should be 1-2 pages.
  • Include some Business References in your cover letter. It will make an impact.

How To Apply

The job application procedure varies from one cruise line to the other. Some of the cruise lines would expect the candidates to apply at their main official website. Others would favor applications which will be forwarded by their hiring associates. Usually, Job application, requirements, and remunerations are listed on the official websites. To locate the proper information, you will be required to do sufficient research. After applying wait for the official invitation which will be treated within 2-3 month. You will be notified by the concerned hiring department of the cruise line via email. So, keep a check on the spam folder to make sure you give a quick response.

Pro tip: To enhance your chances of being hired contact cruise line recruiters.

Wait For The Final Interview Call

Congratulations you made it to the final interview!

Most of the times cruise lines use Skype for conducting interviews with the interested candidates. It is advised that one must add the Skype Information in their resume. Also, one must gain a good knowledge of the Software to make sure that the interview goes smooth. Usually, the cruise line will contact if you were successful in qualifying the interview. So keep track of the notification checking your mail religiously. You might get a response within 1-2 week from the concerned department.

What if the interview was not successful?

Don’t panic if your interview was not a success. Tons of cruise lines are keen to hire candidates. Cruise line employment process is time taking. So, adopt the never give up policy and get going. All it takes is a bit of patience. So be positive and keep up the hard work!

Pro Tip: To check the latest job openings check:

Once hired give yourself good time to relax and adjust. First few months are very tough for the new joiners. It is because you are still on the verge of learning. You have a new job, new team environment, lots of expectations and new companions. With the span of time, you will get a good picture of everything. Breath! Enjoy the company of people. Soon you will have stories about the world to share. Make friends, meet new people, enjoy the call of ports from around the globe. Best of Luck!