Build a Promising Career in Blockchain Technology

Steff Holloway

4 February, 2018

Satoshi Nakamoto an anonymous name introduced the world with Bitcoin which is a digital currency that works on Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Network is a secured decentralized network which works independently. The best part of the technology is that it is monitored by all but no one controls it. Today the worth of a Bitcoin is approximately 9 billion US dollars. Those who invested in bitcoins earlier have emerged as billionaires generating huge sum of money. Now Bitcoin has become a valuable digital currency which is inviting more investors and businesses. Good things took shape because of strong secured foundation of Blockchain technology that drives the system. Blockchain has proved its potentials in the Internet of Things, Investment banking, and Supply chains. IBM and Microsoft are initiating plans to combine blockchain innovations into their operations. Marketing stats predict that blockchain will be a determinant of the fate of the online business.

Career prospects in the Blockchain Technology

Today the Blockchain Network is not restricted to the financial sector. Leading Database Management companies and Digital Media Industries have included operations which run on Blockchain Technology. Facts state that soon the Blockchain Network is going to develop some lucrative professions. Take a quick glance at some of the jobs that will require blockchain technology specialists.

Blockchain Scientists

Earlier techies were opting to become website developer and software engineers. Today, the drift in the blockchain technology has attracted a race of software specialists. Java, and C++ are amongst the demanding skills in Blockchain domain. Additionally, cryptocurrency knowledge is taken as a bonus skill. Blockchain scientists would be among the highest paid professionals in years to come. Cryptocurrency salary beats the industrial standards by 10-20%.

Pro Tip:

  • Blockchain Developers Must possess knowledge of Cryptography.
  • Java and C++ knowledge is mandatory.
  • “Blockchain Programming in C#” is a free book which can guide you on Blockchain Programming.

Legal Advisors And Tax Manager

The blockchain is an autonomous decentralized network. There will be a huge requirement for legal professionals to manage the legal aspects of the blockchain network. For those who already belong to the legal industry, acquiring information about the blockchain network would be favorable. Even the taxation part of the blockchain industry is very intricate. Since the ICO fundraising are not considered conventional. According to the norms, the individuals or businesses not mentioning the transaction in the tax papers is tax evasion. So, most of the companies would require legal tax officer to settle their concerns.

Pro TipRead Leading publications and Journals such as-Bitcoin Magazine and Coindesk.

Blockchain Technology Analyst

The blockchain is an innovative technology with exceptional financial potentials. Today companies want to know details about the blockchain operations. The investors are looking for features related to new cryptocurrencies and latest ICO offerings. Since Blockchain Technology is unique, so there is insufficient fact accessible online. People are looking for white papers, research papers, press releases, and articles which could brief the insides of the technology. For this purpose Blockchain Analysts, and Technical writers would be required. The blockchain analysts would assist people by making them well versed in the domain. This type of writing would compose all research stuff related to the field. Intellectuals keen to learn and write about the blockchain network would be in high demand.

Pro Tip: The candidate should know how to handle the social media(Medium, Bitcoin talk, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) conversations about Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.

ICO Marketing Specialist

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a robust source to raise money for any project. Startups use the concept to raise fund for their business. The tokens are released in ICO, and the investors are attracted to buy them. Once the desired amount of token is sold, it will generate money to be used for funding the business. Marketers should invest time to understand the concept of the functionalities of ICO. Corporates need ICO Marketing Specialist who could help them with the intrinsic details about investments. The Marketer would help organizations understand the highs and lows of the ICO offerings. Businesses looking at ICO as the right platform for fundraising will need ICO marketers to market their brand online. Also, to make sure that investors  get attracted towards their project. Marketers should stay updated about the ICO methods so they can practice their marketing stint to serve as ICO marketers.

Pro TipICO Marketer must possess direct experience of working on a Token Launch.

Blockchain Product Manager

Investors in the blockchain network are also the end users. Hence, obtaining high values from particular Investments in the ICO offerings is a must. The situation suggests that Project Management part of an organization is very crucial. Not every individual with managerial skills can fit as a blockchain project manager. Therefore, a manager with an understanding of the blockchain network will be in demand in most of the leading companies. It’s no brainer that the pay scale of these individuals would be amazingly high.

Pro Tip: Major Expertise in Project Manager include FEDWire, Check Payments, Distributed Ledger (Blockchain), Receivables.

Blockchain Consultant

The blockchain is an emerging new field. Therefore only a limited number of individuals understand the blockchain functionalities. Organisations need a proper guidance of the blockchain operations from scratch. A consultant is one who helps organizations understand the basics of any field. Hence an expert blockchain consultant may ease the way of knowledge clearing the blockades. Blockchain consultant can be a promising career to aspire.

Pro Tip:

  • Candidate must be able to bridge the dots between existing systems architecture and Blockchain.
  • He/she should have sound stakeholder engagement skills.

Most of the job seekers are still uninformed about the blockchain world.Any cut-throat competition does not yet hit this segment.Fact narrates that demands are inversely proportional to supply. One can easily conquer the market by balancing the Blockchain skill with current abilities. So, individuals with qualitative expertise will be given more worth. Keeping in mind the above job posts, start making your career layouts.

Good Luck Job Seekers!