How to Get Jobs in Companies like Facebook, Google & Apple

Steff Holloway

26 January, 2018

Google, Facebook, and Apple are among the top-tier companies in the Silicon Valley. These organizations are like powerful magnets that attract best of the brains who are keen to work. Nearly 1 in 4 young professional wants to score a job with the tech giants. For every coveted job, the ratio of applicants is inversely proportional to that of being hired.

Ultimate Gateway to Facebook, Google & Apple

Eager to work with Google, Facebook, and Apple? If this is so, you are not the only one in the race. So the question is what one needs to know to settle at one of those aspiring positions? Well, there is no cheat code, but there are few things which one can implement to grow chances of being hired. Here is a scoop on what the recruitment managers of the tech giants need.

Understand the Interests of the Tech Giants

Facebook is looking forward to hiring professional with expertise in programming languages. Skills which are essential in Facebook include C++, Algorithms and Machine Learning. Around 84% of the Facebook crowd has a four-year degree only.42% of the Facebookers possess Master’s Degree.46% of the Facebook employees know Python, and 44% know Java. Apple does not look for hiring higher education individuals. Isn’t that cool! Apple has almost 100,000 employees. Out of which 71% of the employees have a bachelor degree only. An interesting fact states that 28% of the individuals don’t have even have a degree. Google has the most flexible and employee friendly work ambiance. The company offers free meals, rewarding benefits, best foods and unlimited perks. For consecutively two years the company has been awarded as “World’s Most Attractive Employer”.

Pro Tip: If you are a tech engineer, then think of building an app. In this way, you will be able to master new skills.

How to land the job

Computer Science and Information technology is the obvious choice for most of the graduates and Postgraduates. Still, there are various areas of expertise that are in high demand in the Silicon Valley. Hone these skills considering them as specializations in Masters and further studies.

  1. Technical Fields: Data Mining, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Statistical Analysis, Web Analytics, AR/VR techniques.
  2. Non-Technical Fields include: Product Management, Business Communication, Content Specialist, Technical Specialists, Social Sciences.

Some of the Best Paying Positions In Tech Giants

Tech Giants have a pool of some of the highest paid jobs both IT and Non-IT fields. The list includes Project Management Officer, Information Architectures, Software Engineers, Architectural Engineers, IT Manager, and Security Analysts. Before going for interviews in the tech industry, it is essential to gain practical knowledge. Various biggies like Google and Microsoft offer short-term training courses. Enroll to gain experience.

Pro Tip: Indulge in a corporate training internship program. The companies give student’s real-time IT project exposure.

The interview Will be Challenging

Tech Giants will assess your qualitative real-time expertise. The biggest hardship for non tech candidates is their insecurity. They are afraid that the interviewer will not bother about their talents. Well, the truth is that the interview will not only be a discussion of your previous experiences. The criteria are same for individuals or applicants from every field. For instance, a coder will be asked about core concepts. A management applicant will be asked to demonstrate quantitative marketing skills. So be prepared with the core knowledge of your specializations!

Pro TipIt is not that only a computer science degree will get you a job in Silicon Valley.

Update Your Resume to charm the Bots

Companies use the AI-powered software for sorting the applicants on job portals.

Chatbots like is used to filter the resume. The Chatbots assess candidates throughout the discussions which are held online. So, the applicants should understand how to communicate with the chatbots. The candidate must converse with the chatbot professionally and conversationally.

Pro Tip: A recruiter spends approx. 6 seconds scanning a resume. So, it is advised to keep most of the relevant data at the top.

Utilize the Power Of Social Media and get noticed

Get Noticed On Facebook: It is seen that 25% of the recruiters hire using Facebook. So why not to gain from the power of networking. Yes, that’s right your “Facebook Profile” can help you land your dream job. All it takes is adding all professional details in the about yourself column. Add links to your website and other social media handles.

Use LinkedIn: Recruiters find LinkedIn most feasible when it comes to hiring professionals. LinkedIn helps in making the work profile updated with all professional accomplishments and recommendations. The most important part is that both the Resume and LinkedIn Profiles should be in sync with each other. Do not put different experiences as it could break the employer’s interest in you.

Pro tip: To update resume on LinkedIn, click profile now select the import resume option. Browse your resume from the list, and there you have it. Your resume will be successfully uploaded.

List of some Popular Interview Questions

Getting jobs in tech giants is not easy. The route to qualifying as the most applicable candidates is tough. The recruiters and managers will judge you in and out. It is not only about the technical stint. The questions asked could be anything from technology to general aspects of life. Luckily, the Hiring Managers are quite open about the “questions” they’ll put up while interviewing the candidates. So, brace yourself to groom your knowledge pool.

1. You are shrunk to the height of a 2p coin and thrown into a blender. Your mass is reduced so that your density is the same as usual. The blades start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

The answer to the above-asked question is JUMP. Since the density of the person is same, the muscles will have the same efficiency. It means that the person will still be able to jump. The jump would be appropriate to clear the blades, even if the person is as small as a 2p coin.

2. If I was talking to your best friend, what is one thing they would say you need to work on?

The question was asked from the candidate who appeared for Apple interview. It is again a confusing question, so beware. The response should not be something which shows the faulty side of your personality. For instance, never say that you cannot bear pressures, or that a good day would be a workday without deadlines.

3. What are you doing on your best day?

Facebook Hiring Managers asked this question. The interesting fact about the question is that it does not have a right or a wrong answer. The response could vary from one individual to the other. People get confused while answering it. The best way to answer the question is sharing your motivations and things that drive you. The answer should be related to your instinct towards gaining knowledge.

We just saw the tech giant’s hiring ecosystem! Today Hiring managers need candidates who have good quantitative skills and excellent soft skills. The soft skills include teamwork, leadership, and most importantly communication. So, align your skills keeping the above guidelines in mind, as it’s never too late to start. Good Luck!