How a Well-Written Thank You Letter can Change your Destiny

Steff Holloway

18 January, 2018

A Thank You letter is a note or a letter a candidate writes to the interviewer to thank them for their time to interact with the candidate. If written well and carefully, a Thank You letter can be used by a candidate to his or her advantage. It not only helps them get the job but also build a professional network.

Here is How a Thank You Letter can Change Your Destiny

A Thank You Letter is a Token of Courtesy and Respect for the Interviewer

A Thank You letter reveals a great deal about you to the interviewer. It makes the interviewer aware of your nature. It portrays you as a polite, courteous personality that values others’ time and efforts. A Thank You letter compels the interviewer to like you. It’s because everyone likes a person with etiquettes, manners, and values like respect for others and their time. It gives you an advantage over the rest of the candidates.

It gives the interviewer a sign that you will treat your co-workers and customers/clients with respect and courtesy. Thus the interviewer is convinced that you will be able to bond well with the other members of the organization. It makes you an ideal candidate for the organization.   

Quick note: Prefer to use a hand-written Thank You letter instead of a typewritten one. Hand-written letters show the perfect combination of concern, respect, and honesty and are always preferred by HR managers.

A Thank You letter is your Second Chance

A job interview is never perfect. There are moments when you fail to express your opinions, skills, hobbies, etc. to the level of your expectations or completely forget to mention some points.

A Thank You letter helps you deal with such problems to some extent. After dedicating the first paragraph to express gratitude to the interviewer, you can use the next paragraph to briefly highlight or reiterate your key points that you didn’t get right during the interview. Thus, your Thank You letter is your chance at rectifying any mistakes you made in the interview.

Quick note: When writing an effective Thank You letter, it’s essential to keep the content balanced. Don’t oversaturate it with the content that is only centered on you.

A Thank You Letter makes you Stand out from the Crowd

These days in major organizations thousands of candidates are called in for the interview every day. Even if you have the required qualifications and set of skills, your chances of getting shortlisted in the middle of this cut-throat competition are slim. You need something to make you stand out from this horde of candidates. A well-written Thank You letter does exactly that for you.  

Upon the interview, very few candidates return to the interviewer with a Thank You letter. To put it into perspective, there are more than 50% candidates who don’t acknowledge the significance of sending a Thank You letter. Now reaching out to the interviewer/organization with a Thank You letter definitely makes you one of the few potential candidates.

Quick note: The timing and format of a Thank You letter is as important is its content itself. So, be careful not to send it too early or late. There is no effective way of knowing the right timing. Follow your judgment and intuition.

A Thank You Letter displays your Written Communication Ability

Another perk of following up an interview with a cover letter is that it showcases your written communication skills. There is a good chance that you might have been slightly nervous during the interview. Nervousness blocks effective communication. A Thank You letter gives you the opportunity to bring that failed communication to life. Only this time in a written form. A carefully written Thank You letter makes the interviewer aware of how well you handle written communication. The interviewer will finally see the value you have to offer that his/her organization can find useful. It is of great significance for job profiles where you have to deal every day with clients or customers through text media like email, SMS, etc.

Quick note: When crafting your letter, it’s crucial to keep the emphasis on the requirement of the job profile. So, when your concerned profile revolves around the written communication skills of the candidate, make your letter worthwhile. Make every sentence and word count. Proofread and check it over for any grammatical errors or typos.

A Thank You letter helps you Build a Network

Thank You letters, if crafted meticulously, can be a huge advantage when it comes to building a professional network. For example, in your Thank You letter, you can mention and thank everyone you met at the company during the whole interview process. Further, you can state in the letter that you would be pleased to connect with these people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will be beneficial to your career to have professionals in your network.

Quick note: One great way to build your network is to include your signature in the Thank You letter with links to your social media profiles.

There! You just learned how a Thank You letter can change your destiny. Commit these points to memory and give your career a boost. We hope you found the article helpful. Leave you comments or queries. We’d appreciate that. Good luck!