How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2018

Steff Holloway

20 December, 2017

You have a talent for writing. You can compose articles, stories, and press releases. But now you want to try your stint as a blogger. You have purchased a domain for the same. There is a fine line between “ “wannabe blogger” and a “successful blogger.” A successful blogger is one who takes blogging very seriously. Therefore successful bloggers require regular knowledge boosting. Many people try their luck online, but only a few gain actual benefits. Blogging is a creative career opportunity which demands some disciplined efforts. Following which your path gets cleared for further hidden monetization opportunities.

Follow a Blogging Regime to be a Successful Blogger

Blogging is a lucrative mainstream profession. If you are committed to working as a professional, you can make thousands of dollars. To become a successful blogger you’ll have to understand the core of blogging. A bit of dedication is all that it takes. Without beating around the bush, let’s get started to simplify your blogging journey.

Follow a Daily Blogging routine

Follow blogging as a ritual.Try writing early in the morning when the mind is fresh. Make a writing plan. Execute your daily blogging plan without fail. For first few day you might feel lethargic.But soon after regularly following the regime, you will be a pro. Your writing will be swift, as you already have it in you. You no longer will have to check references now and then. Regular writing helps the mind to churn different productive ideas. You develop a rich database. Plus, you’ll get to use the vocabulary which is already in your subconscious system.

Pro Tip: Use to view and read articles of matching interest. It is a way to stay updated with articles of your niche.

Opt for a Professional Bogging course

A professional writing course helps to understand the correct writing ethics.

With a professional writing course, one gets a chance to add more expertise to career.

Here are few advantages of professional course:

  1. Speeds up the standard writing capacity.
  2. You learn to shape ideas into meaningful words.  
  3. Constructive thoughts easily reach conclusions.
  4. A better understanding of reader-friendly language.
  5. You understand the correct way of proofreading.

Be updated with Trending Topics

Trending topics give you a way to engage more people. Trends are the current topics which are in demand. A demanding topic comes with a set of questions. Creating user-oriented matter would be a wise thought. Additionally, this is the best way to generate traffic.

Pro tip: use Google Trends to find trending topics. Google trends declare various trending topics based on organic searches.

Publish Content On A Daily Basis

Publish your content daily to develop consistency. The search engine favors efforts. Regular posting will help search engine identify your work. Your blog will be placed on top of SERPs. You will be able to move a considerate audience towards your blog. Your presence will be automatically registered.Don’t forget to give references to the old blogs. In this way, you would be able to make your older content visible. Visibility concept is very crucial in the blog posting. The blog posts which are ignored, rank low on the search engines. But giving references can awake their potentials once again.

Pro tip: the “Pocket” is an app that can be used to save content for future sharing. Prepare a list of topics that are supposed to be shared later.

Concentrate On SEO And SMO Or SMM

Google is ranked #1 search engine. Search Engine Optimizations means making content effective for a search engine to notice. SEO friendly content pulls a lot of traffic. A set pattern if taken care, has potential benefits.

Important tips to write SEO friendly content

  1. You need to do keywords research.
  2. The keyword should be placed in ‘Title Tag,’ ‘Image section,’ and ‘within the post.’
  3. Within the post, the keyword density should be ‘2%.”
  4. Usage of H2 for heading is vital.

Tips on SMO(Search Media Marketing)

  • Use social sites and online platforms to share your blog. It will give you’re a ton of traffic.
  • Promote your blogs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Use hashtags to make it more worth and shareable. Stumbleupon can be used to share blog posts.
  • Join communities, answer queries to build relations. Blog commenting is yet another way to gain traffic.

Pro Tip: make a blog on WordPress platform. WordPress offers various SEO friendly plugins.

Keywords Researching is the key

If you want to become a successful blogger, understand the power of keyword. Keywords are the trending words or phrases which are being searched repeatedly. Search volume and competition display keywords on google planner. You have to do proper research to find keywords related to your niche. Keywords with high search volumes should be added to blogs. Keywords competition means that a particular keyword is being used by competitors.

Different tools can be used to simplify the keyword research like

  1. LSI keywords are displayed on Google’s bottom page.
  2. Keyword Planner can be used to search keywords based on search volumes.
  3. “Ubersuggest tool” also gives keywords suggestions.

Pro Tip: SEMrush is a keyword research tool which searches both long and short tail keywords.

Consider Blogging as a serious Business

Blogging is a serious work. It requires lots of attention along with a peaceful mind. Serious bloggers are more dedicated towards work. When blogging becomes a passion, it gives you popularity. It opens new ways to earn. A professional blogger can make money with traffic.

Quick Point to notice

WordPress blogging platform regularly indicates the infographics related to traffic. WordPress sites are ranking high in search engine. It’s high time now, utilize the competent benefits of WordPress. Make your blogging attempts successful with proven techniques.

Pro tip: affiliate Income is a great way to monetize the blog. Do product linking to your blog. If the product is sold, you generate affiliate income.

Engage people with Quality Content

A better way to generate traffic is adopting the problem-solving technique. Reach out with a correct approach. Indulge audience with the right kind of content. The audience will come back if your content has quality or sharable matter. Every successful website promises to deliver rich optimized content. Take an oath to write fresh, engaging, compelling, problem solving and valuable blogs.

Remember “Content is the key.”

Pro Tip: purchase the Grammarly pro version and check your blogs before publishing.

Use Technology to your advantage

As a blogger, you should always understand the importance of technology.

Yes, today there are apps to simplify blogging.Use apps to develop your writing speed.

Dragon Dictate

  1. Dragon Dictate is a software which dedicates 1000s of words per hour.
  2. The software can be used for writing faster.
  3. It converts speech into text.
  4. Helps to organize writeups in a better layout.


  1. Helps to organize the blog posts.
  2. Can be used to share notes from any place
  3. Helps to book chapters for the day.
  4. Adds attachments, links, or audio/video clips

Have Patience

it takes a few month to a year when you start earning. So don’t lose patience. “Good things take time,” they say. Blogging is a great way to generate business.  All you need is to make your blog updated with trending content. Popularize it on social media channels. Use backlinking and site indexing features. Soon you will be able to generate traffic. Submit your website to Google Adsense for approval. Google checks your site for certain parameters. Traffic is the first parameter. Content quality is the second most important parameter. Once Google approves the authenticity of your site, there will be ads on the blog. The adds will fill your bucket with lots of money.


Select a user-friendly blogging platform like WordPress. Opt for a unique theme which could define your niche. Keep on modifying the theme unless you get what you want. Ensure your blog is cemented with the best SEO plugins. Do proper research on current trends to create quality blogs. With these handy points, you will be able to bring your blog on track this year.