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Everything boils down to mindset. Isn’t it? Our relationships, our career or business even our happiness depends on how we take on things. While each one is talented in something or the other and there are various variables on why one is more successful than the other, but one can’t more…

Steff Holloway

16 February, 2018


Have you ever felt that a particular job is over demanding? If it is the case, then it is not shocking at all. Burnout has been a point of discussion ever since three decades. The workforces report a high level of depression, sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety due to overburdens. more…

Steff Holloway

11 February, 2018

When it comes to working towards goals, people often tend to procrastinate. This is because they fail to define the work plan or don’t know where to start. The irony is, people often fail to stick to their resolutions. The idea that will make you more productive is actually breaking more…

Steff Holloway

2 February, 2018

Time management can be a real test when you are a working college student. There are two different schedules-one for college and the other for work. Finding a balance between these two schedules is one of the most stressful aspects of working along with college. However, with the right time more…

Steff Holloway

22 January, 2018

Procrastination is a deadly hindrance to your smooth working. At times it so happens, you have a number of works piled on, the deadline just around the corner and you are busy with something as unnecessary as socializing on social media. Or at times, you merely loiter around different websites, more…

Steff Holloway

12 January, 2018

Time flies by with a click of our fingers. Shortage of time is our evergreen complaint. But somehow, you surely have noticed, the smarter we are getting with our technology, we are facing more and more shortage of time. Most of the time, your work remains undone even after you more…

Steff Holloway

30 December, 2017

Email is one of the many gifts of the Internet age. We all take this gift for granted. We use email so much that it starts affecting our lives and our productivity. The advent of smartphones has made the situation even worse. The volume of email an average person receives more…

Steff Holloway

26 December, 2017

When it comes to sex and productivity, it is hard to find any relation between the two. There are countless articles on the Internet on how productivity is affected by sleep, workplace environment, marriage, etc. But sex? Yes, sex can affect your performance at work in many ways imaginable. Surprising, more…

Steff Holloway

19 December, 2017


All desire a perfect work-life balance. We all hope to excel in our professional as well as personal lives. Enhancing the work productivity can serve this purpose well. It can enable you to deliver the quality results towards the career and maintain affectionate relationships with your loved ones simultaneously. In more…

Steff Holloway

12 December, 2017


You finally decided to work on a business idea. The startup is picking up traction. As an entrepreneur, you have an innate sense of time. Making the most of it will bring your goals closer. Though, time slips away from your hands. Priorities get delayed, and the outcome hampers. Therefore, more…

Steff Holloway

9 December, 2017