The Concept of Career Umbrella can Ease your Struggle

Steff Holloway

12 March, 2018

We dedicate a lot of our time to our work. For most of us, it’s the primary aspect of our lives. We know someone by what they do, what their work contributes to, and most importantly, by their job titles. Considering the mind-blowing fact that we spend almost 50 years of our lifetime doing work, we must pursue the work that we love. A job of passion is all you need to rise in life.

One should ideally be working at a place which completes him/her and not become a monotonous torture of the soul. An ideal work- what can it be? How to get there? What are you supposed to do to be there? All these questions are easy to cross your mind once you ponder upon your professional life and goals. Well, this post has just been crafted for you!

Let’s see where can we start from to get the desired work we all are aspiring for. First and the foremost, understand that we all have different characteristics and different abilities. We are all brought-up differently in different environments. Our interests, personalities, attitude, and likes & dislikes may vary. Understanding the above fact can drive us to unlock our hidden potential and we may now introduce the concept of Career Umbrella.

A Brief Overview of the Career Umbrella concept

This is a hypothetical umbrella under which all your interests and desires lie. These are the activities that you are passionate about and can help you discover your true professional line. Follow these tips:

  • If you think that you have not explored such things yet, then ask your close ones to tell you about yourself. Sometimes they can give crucial feedback about yourself. Ask them what they have seen you do in which you were literally lost and forgot the track of time.
  • Visit your past and lookout for the things that made you happy when you were a kid. Think of all those aspirations that you had when you were a child.
  • Remember what changes you said, you will be making when you will be young enough.
  • Understand that you have many desires and aspirations that need to be fulfilled and then only you can experience your ideal work life and personal life.

Once you know what are the things that you like to do, put these under your umbrella. This is your umbrella. Now you know, what you want and, all you need to do, is to find out how to start for getting there.

The target that you were aiming to track down is no longer a vague and faded idea; it is now clearly defined.

It is just that you might have forgotten your passion and the work you love. All while you were getting busy paying your bills. It is now time to hold on for a moment and reflect on a few things:

  • Are you happy with your life?
  • Are you content with all that you have earned and achieved?
  • Are you missing something?

If the answers to the questions as mentioned above are no, no and yes respectively, then probably, it’s the high time to understand where things went wrong.

Interestingly, you still have time to correct it and get all that you once aspired of becoming by utilizing Career Umbrella as a tool.

To your rescue is the concept of Career Umbrella. It promises to help you out with your dilemma and ease your struggle in finding out the most suitable work for you.

As discussed in the concept overview, you need to find yourself. Introspect, question, and learn a few things about yourself. To begin with, try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What changes do you want to see in the world?
  • How can you contribute to bringing out this change?
  • Which industry are you attracted to?
  • What do you care about most?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What makes you forget about the rest of the world?

Once you start answering these questions, you will realize where things started going wrong. Most probably, you started settling in and compromising because of the external environment. And now you are trying hard to find your ideal work.

Attention: just because it interests you, doesn’t mean it is your ideal work!

You still have to find out what work you can do for a long period without getting bored. E.g., You may like cooking, but imagine yourself cooking for a group of 100 people and that too on a daily basis. If you still like the idea of cooking, then this work carries the potential of becoming your ideal work. But, if you feel unexcited or pressured by this idea then your hobby of cooking cannot be translated into your work. Similarly, try to find out your ideal work that is related to your interests and that you think and believe you can do for as long as possible.

In the end, just know it’s all about conditioning your mind and that wherever there are people, there is psychology. Try to find a suitable work for you that comes naturally to you, and you don’t feel like putting in a lot of hard work into it as this may turn off your interests too.