Six Personal Branding Techniques for Career Changers

Nick Radlinskiy

24 February, 2018

Personal branding(self-marketing) is a technique by which you get more opportunities to show your talents and skills. Personal branding technique helps one to communicate their experiences and vision to the potential employers effectively. It is the means by which people remember you. It describes you as an individual to your potential clients and customers.

Why is Personal Branding Important?

Personal branding is important because it reflects you as an individual to the others who wish to seek information about you. It gives you control over yourself to craft an accurate image of your identity in front of the potential employers.

If you are a career changer looking for some personal branding techniques, read our blog to know the top six personal branding techniques:

  1. Always be open to change: This is the most important technique for personal branding. It is the only constant thing that’s painful. Most of us become so lazy that we do not want to accept any new thing. Always be aware of the changes and try to get more information about the change. Also, if your organization is not managing the change properly, you must get curious and try to acquire the knowledge that is needed. This way you will always keep yourself updated with the new changes in your organization.
  2. Social and professional networking: Always create profiles that show your passions on the networking platforms. Create your Linkedin profile by adding your skills, interests that will attract your employers. Building an online presence of yourself on social networking sites like facebook,  twitter, etc., will help you brand yourself well. Also, make sure the information you share on the social networking sites is steady. Become a member of the social groups on Linkedin. This way you will increase your social and professional circle, as many employers of the organizations are a member of such groups.
  3. Online presence: Make sure you present yourself well on the online platform. In order to make yourself more visible to your potential employers, you need to build a strong online presence for yourself. Letting people know who you are, what do you do, and why do you do it, opens your door to success. Make sure you keep all your social profiles up-to-date and add social channels to your professional touch points.
  4. Analyze your competitors: Always take out time to analyze your competitors when branding yourself to your potential employers. You must always be prepared to compete with others in terms of technology, ideas, and creativity. This helps you to stand out from others in the market. It is important to make time to understand what people in your field of interest are doing, what are they saying, and how successful are they.
  5. Share your ideas: You must always be open to sharing your ideas with others. Never limit to yourself. This way you will build confidence and also be able to learn something new that may help you build your career. Sharing ideas helps you in boosting your productivity at a faster place.
  6. Build your reputation: Personal branding is all about building your reputation. If you are successful in creating your reputation to your potential employers, it develops a sense of trust for you in them.  Always try to build your reputation where it counts. You need not prove your everything to everyone out there. You must show your goals and skills to only people who are your target employers.

Apart from the above six personal branding techniques, make sure you also follow the follow these key points:

  • look for a mentor or a counselor who will help you make decisions and make you understand the personal branding techniques. You may find these mentors through your Linkedin profile, make connections with them, hang out with them and know their key strategies.
  • if you do not have enough potential to impress your employer, you need to upskill yourself as and when required or if your new job wants you to. If you are able to do so, you also have an opportunity to switch your career in your organization itself.

A strong and powerful personal branding will help you in convincing your potential employers effectively. You will also get right kind of jobs, increase your ability to attract talent and organization. I am sure; these personal branding techniques will help you find a better version of yourself within you. It will also help you to place yourself creatively and make you ready to convince the world effectively. Take your stand, understand yourself, invest time to analyze yourself, develop social and personal networks. Remember, you sound yourself like someone who is already working in that role/position in that industry or organization. Just as an organization re-brands itself with the current changes and trends in the technologies, so should you while changing your career.