Why Teaching Is The Best Career Option After A Few Years In Corporate Sector

Steff Holloway

6 February, 2018

So you’ve spent a few years in the corporate rat race and think that there is more to life the targets and deadlines you meet every day. Making a career switch might scare you at the first thought, but it might be the best decision you’ll make today. A teaching career is amongst the best career option to get you out of the hamster cage you are stuck in.

Here are a Few Reason Why Teaching is the Best Career Option after a few years in Corporate Sector

Teaching is a profession where you learn while you earn. Worldwide, it is considered to be a noble profession. If you have spent a few years in the corporate sector, here is seven reasons why you should become a teacher:

Corporate Monotonicity

Your current job has stopped showing the versatility you expected from life. Every day seems to be exactly the same. This never changing lifestyle has affected your perception of your job. The teaching career will give you variety concerning career challenges and opportunities. People perceive the teaching career as a vocation.

Teachers don’t sit in front of a computer every day all by themselves. There are several pros of being a teacher:

  • You will have interactive sessions where you indulge yourself in a more profound conversation with your students.
  • As a teacher, you pass on your knowledge and passion for your subject to your students.

Better Working Hours

Teaching will give you the personal freedom you expected from your corporate job. Better working hours will give you time to focus on your hobbies. These are the benefits of extra time:

  • Use this time to take the cooking course you wanted to take or practice your guitar skills. Lesser work hours promises reduced stress and better lifestyle.
  • You can also invest in the business you were looking forward to, or even work as a freelancer in your spare time.
  • Predetermined working hours give you the freedom to be creative and work on yourself.

Job Security

Teaching profession is one of the oldest jobs that existed. They will always be in demand despite the saturation that might occur in the field.

  • The corporate sector poses a cut-throat competition where you are expected to perform more than your potential. This often comes across a threat to your job.
  • While requirements differ for different teaching careers, once you’re an established teacher you’ll always find job availabilities.
  • Downsizing is a rare incident in the teaching business.

Passing The Torch

Teaching is the platform where you pass on your knowledge to the upcoming generations. When it comes to passing on your knowledge you’ll find following advantages:

  • People receive great satisfaction from helping out a student. It is time you share your passion for your subject.
  • As a teacher, you can guide your students towards their goals, help them have a better understanding with the help of your experiences in the corporate sector.

Tutoring And Online Training

Teaching opens the gate of opportunities. You can start a variety of options for yourself. People seek the pleasures of working from home through online tutoring. Some see tutoring as a source of side income when they are free of their teaching hours. You can benefit yourself with following methods:

  • Starting your own tutoring business is a great option when you are a well-reputed teacher with excellent subject knowledge.
  • You can create your online course to maximize your audience. An online course can be the passive source that returns long-term benefit.
  • Being an online teacher increases your job opportunities as you are reaching out to students who might want to opt for full-fledged courses.

Sharing Your Passion

Teaching can be an opportunity where you work for your passion. You wish to teach the subject love and have excellent knowledge of.

  • As a teacher, you will have a deeper understanding, which is acquired by mastering your subjects and solving queries of your students. As Aristotle once said: “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”   
  • Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world which suits people with academic understanding and conceptual knowledge.

Fixed Vacations

Under the corporate lifecycle, people struggle to make time for vacations. The predetermined holidays are surely a plus point for the teaching career.

  • You can plan your trips around these vacations, make time for your family.
  • You get all the major holidays, a week each in spring and winter, and those long summer months. That being said, teaching does sound like a long vacation in itself.

Along with the perks teaching comes with, it provides a great sense of accomplishment. There is a sheer love for the subject matter, a scope for constant improvement. Teaching is an opportunity for you to learn what you love and help the student to become self-aware. Teaching helps you touch lives and make space in students’ heart. As a teacher, you not only instruct your students, but you also shape their future. This is your calling to change your career into a more fruitful and fulfilling one.