6 Promising Career Options for New Moms and How to Grab them Effortlessly

Steff Holloway

31 January, 2018

Being mom is a blessing! Also, it is a nonstop unpaid job which is stressful at times. Women often leave their work for the sake of giving proper time to their kids and family. After few year when they want to re-engage into productive work, things fall short. Don’t worry the universe is waiting for you! Employers are looking to offer flexible job opportunities to mom’s out there.

List of Career Options for the New Moms

Being independent is a lot of fun which gives the freedom to invest money without permission. Therefore a Job is rewarding and motivating. Mom’s miss all those office exercises while being at home following the same schedule each day. Don’t worry it’s never too late to give life a new start. below are some options to drum up some cash for all those moms who want flex their brain nerves.

#1. Become A Realtor

Opting to be a realtor could be a big “Yes.” Realtors work as per their schedule. If your husband works 9 to 5, then realtor job could be ideal for you. The catch is you may have to be flexible to work on weekends. The best part is you will not have to put your kids into day crash. So your family life would be all sorted and on track. An appraiser can also be a good fit. This job would improve your productivity leveraging good wages at the same time. An appraiser is one who evaluates the price of a property. The evaluation is done by comparing similar properties.Additionally, Appraiser job offers competitive income. For being an appraiser, you might need a certification course. By analyzing the benefits of the job, soon you would realize the worth of your decision.

Things to do:

  • First thing first, get a real estate License;
  • Join a Brokerage Firm;
  • Or work as an independent Realtor.

#2. Full Time or Part Time Accountants

If you are a mom, a career in accountancy might stand suitable for you. Accountancy job is attached to numerous benefits which include descent salary, flexible working hours and growth.For being an accountant, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree. Accountancy is the most stable career for working moms. As an accountant, you can opt to be a freelancer or a part-time worker. Most of the times accountants work part-time. Accountants are required in insurance, accounting firm and manufacturing firm.

Things to do:

  • Search for the best online firms which hire Work from home Accountants;
  • Apply on Bateman & Co. to get part-time accountancy jobs;
  • Intuit/TurboTax offers tons of work-from-home tax projects.

#3. Makeup Professional Artist

Ever wanted to try your luck as a makeup artist? You will be glad to hear that beautician job is great fun. Beauticians are in demand as beauty is not going to disappear ever. Beauticians can opt to work from the comfort of their home.Yes, you heard it right! As a beautician, you can manage your schedule as per your convenience.People look forward to dressing their best with good hair and makeup at parties. For which they spend lots of bucks. Makeup artists can take advantage of major earning from wedding events. As a makeup artists or beautician, you can draw from wedding makeups or through formal events. You can make high wages by working independently. Start your own business of providing beautician services. Hire some professionals for the same.

Things to do:

  • Update your resume with the best industry-specific keyword;
  • Find nearby salons, beauty parlors, and fashion outlets;
  • Apply on the salon website directly following their guidelines;
  • Get a business card handy with updated contact details;
  • Think about owning a website;
  • Reach out with updates beauty blogs daily to improve your credibility.

Pro Tip: Go for a professional beauty certification or beauty course.

#4. Opt to be a Server

If you just want some extra cash then get out of your comfort zone. Be a server, and make money instantly. Join a reputed restaurant and be ready to benefit from incentives. Many restaurants look for part-time servers who could help them on weekends. So, you can choose to work only on weekends and enjoy the rest of the days.

Things to do:

  • Filter the most reputed restaurants in the area;
  • Check the website of these restaurants;
  • Find if they have hirings for servers;
  • Go to their hiring links and apply for the post;
  • Review jobs in the local newspapers;
  • Do check the Facebook Page of the restaurant for current hirings.

#5. Virtual Assistant

If you are a new mom, who wants to make a living while being at home with kids, opt to be a Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistants are high in demand today. Virtual assistants work from home with a daily or weekly targets. The work could be anything from sending bulk emails, to taking up administrative tasks. All it takes is good typing speed and organizational skills. So, depending on your requirements and likes choose your virtual job role.

Things to do:

  • Concentrate on time Management;
  • Follow a proper schedule, so things don’t mess up;
  • Involve your partner in daily chores;
  • Focus on getting clients through social timelines;
  • Update your LinkedIn Account;
  • List all your details and the type of service you offer on the LinkedIn account;
  • Build your profile, so clients directly find you.

#6. Retail Associate

Retail jobs don’t demand a degree or experience. If you are interested in being a retail manager, then you may require a degree. A high school diploma is enough to start a career as an entry-level retail associate. Retail associates minimum wage is $9 per hour. If you are a mom and all you need is few productive working hours, then you can opt to be a Retail Associate. Being a mom is exhaustive at times, so moms just need some spare time. If this is the case with you, then the part-time retail job could be your thing. Join a boutique, a candle making firm or a jewelry shop, bakery, or a coffee shop. Choose the department as per your creativity. The pay might not be competitive but time and flexibility of this job are amazing.

We just reviewed few career options for all you moms! Commit these points to your memory and make your choice accordingly. Good Luck Mommy’s!!