Successful People who Changed Careers and what Can you Learn from Them

Steff Holloway

10 January, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg once shared his thoughts on the importance of taking risks. He quoted that the most significant failure in one’s life is not taking risks. What he quoted seems to be right! Taking chances on the professional path is often rewarding. Most of the individuals are afraid of making a switch from one field to other. Some people have ideas, but they never initiate due to the involvement of uncertainties and struggles. Several innovative ideas are trashed now and then. It’s high time now, reform the ways of life, take inspirations, make a dream come true.

Personalities Who Took Major Career Changes

Are you looking forward to a quick risk influence? Well, don’t worry! Read to learn about some leading personalities, who made significant career changes. The best of all is that they got rewarding returns!

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was a newspaper editor in earlier days of his career. Later he was fired as the management thought he lacked creativity and imagination. Imagine an editor who gets fired for lack of creativity turns to be a creative film director and owner of a fairyland themed park-“The Disneyland.”Life was never a bed of roses for him. But still, he stunned the world with his creative charm and ideas. He started as a one-man-army and earned worldwide fame. The whole world falls for his animation creations. He was a determined individual who stood up for his interests.

Learning: Creativity never dies. Believe in yourself and keep going!

Vera Wang

Making a career change is a daunting thought for some. Ever thought that it can be rewarding too? Vera Wang earlier was a renowned skater. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the Olympics’ 1986. Without wasting much time, she switched to the editing world. But she didn’t get the fame she thought she would. Another twist occured in her career. She grew to be a Design Director. Her stint in the fashion world proved to be excellent. She amazed the world with her bridal fashion design. She has taught the world that true talent doesn’t get affected by any barrier.

Learning: “Vera Wang inspires with her “never give up attitude.”

Ken Jeong

Also known as Mr. Chow from the Hangover series, Ken Jeong was a doctor earlier. He is a qualified physician who obtained the MD degree from Univ. of North Carolina. Imagine a doctor turning to be an actor. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. Ken Jeong has proved that anything is possible. As long as you have the strength to face the highs and lows. Nothing in the world is easy yet everything is possible. Quitting from a stable job may be a nightmare for some. But for individuals like Ken, it is like overcoming the odds.

LearningAll it takes is focussed effort to reach to your desirable goal.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt worked as a Limo Driver. Yes, you heard it right! He also used to stand outside restaurants inviting guests for a ride. He also used to pick and drop strippers to the bachelor parties.For all those, want to try their fate in the entertainment industry. It’s still not late. You don’t have to be from a rich background to pursue your interests.

LearningYour background won’t make any difference in giving shape to your career.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates took a major shift in his career. He skipped the college as he had the “Microsoft” in his dreams. Gates focussed on following his passion. He made a point that having a degree is not enough one should have power in thoughts. An ambitious mind can achieve anything with determination. Gates inspired the world not merely to believe on the luck factor, and to focus on hard work.

Learning: Degrees won’t matter if you have enough knowledge to achieve your goal. Focus is the key to success.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk made millions of money with PayPal. The world thought that he would use the money to invest it in another web company. Musk’s dream was lying in something else, which was more innovative. He instead spent in two startups. SpaceX and Tesla are the names of those companies. He was about to lose all his money as both the startups were on the verge of being bankrupt. Musk could have selected a much easy path by investing in another internet company. But he chose to take a risk which made him an inspiration. This shows that if you feel unsettled in a particular career path, then don’t panic. Believe in your strength, as you are not alone. Make your skill be your ultimate leader and go on!

Learning: Let your leader spirit speak for you. Take things in hand and think about the golden future. Nothing would stop you then.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres was an oyster shucker before being the funniest host in America. She left her studies and started off with clerical work. Then she worked as a bartender, house painter, and a server. She has numerous awards in her kitty. She was felicitated with the Presidential Medal Of Freedom in the year 2016. Nobody knew that one day she would turn out to be as famous as she is today. Today she owns a TV chat show. Today she has 71 million followers on Twitter. Today she is the 6th most followed twitter personality.

LearningSelf-confidence is the key to achieve goals.

Christene Barberich

Christene made sure that there is no harm in taking an idea to another level. She had a dream to start a style-minded site. She discussed her thought with the Cofounder in 2004. Back then Facebook was new. The world was not that addicted to the online world. The internet world was still in its developing phase. But nothing stopped her. She left her job and thought conventionally. Soon she began to work on her thought and made Refinery29 a reality.

LearningIf you have the power to adjust the sails, and you cannot change wind direction, then you will succeed.

There you go! You’ve just finished reading the inspirational stories of some famous people who changed careers. You only get one life, don’t waste it overthinking about the outcomes. If you trust your skill, nothing would ever beat you. Get Going!