3 Secrets to a Successful Career Change

Steff Holloway

11 October, 2017

If you are pondering on a career change, it is highly likely that you are in an extremely different point in your life. There are your colleagues, friends, family, etc., trying to demotivate you from changing your stable career.

Are you crazy? Why do you always keep changing your mind?

This is an out-and-out career suicide.

Why would you want to drop your comfortable life for guaranteed turbulence?

Conflicting questions such as these are hurled at your way making your career change process all the more difficult. And, sure, career change is often looked at as a bleak and chaotic prospect. It means that you have to start all over again, and it will take years to hold your ground in a new industry. While all of this is true, sometimes changing your career is the only option left for you. Your peers won’t understand it, but it must be done. You know it.

A report by Gallup revealed that more than half of the American workforce are unhappy and disengaged in their jobs. This means that these people aren’t where they are supposed to be. And working at a job they loathe is helping neither. They most likely aren’t productive, which is sure to hamper their mental peace and that of their company’s. If such a staggering majority of people do not like their jobs, a question arises – why do they keep doing it?

Well, the simple answer could be that they do not know any better. These are the people who think a career change is equivalent to career suicide. Changing jobs looks like an exercise in futility for these people. On the other hand, there have been many people who could eventually muster the courage to quit their jobs and chose a career they love, thereby, becoming productive and satisfied in the long run.

Career change doesn’t have to be so difficult. Just thinking about a career change shouldn’t disrupt your life. It is not meant to be like that. Career change is a positive step leading towards growth and mental well-being. To implement a successful career change, remember the following secrets, and you are good to go. You will soon realize that it is not as difficult as you think it is.

#1. Be sure of what you want

So, you are certain that you don’t want to work at your current job. But you do not know where to go from it. All you know is that this is what you DO NOT want to go. This is a difficult position to be in and has to be sorted as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up at some other career that will be the same as the job you just quit. Because chances are, it won’t be what you want either. There is an adage that goes like, “if you do not know where you are going, you end up nowhere.” This adage holds solid relevance in the career world. Therefore, now that you have decided to quit your job ask yourself what you want to do in life. List down your strength and weaknesses, take professional advice, etc., but figure out what you want to do as quickly as possible. Otherwise, changing your previous job will prove futile.

#2. Start from scratch

Remember the time when you used to send out resumes in various companies hoping to be shortlisted. Remember those long, intimidating interviews? The orientation? The awkwardness of the first few weeks in a new office? Well, you’ll have to go through it all over again. But do not fret, it’s all for the betterment of the future. It has to be done. Think of your career change as a fresh start. Only then your process will become smooth and quick. Create your resume all over again, based on the current standards. Conduct proper research about your desirable industry. Do everything you would have done for your first job, and maintain that excitement and passion. Treat this as a new experience. If you keep carrying the baggage of your previous job, your journey will get slower, and your shoulders will start to hurt after a while.

#3. Patience and perseverance is the key

You cannot expect to move a mountain in a day. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to get through the process of a successful career change. Just carry out the first two steps over and over again till you find what you are looking for. It’s that easy. And that hard.


The final ingredient to a successful career change is courage. You need the courage to find what you are looking for; the courage to start from scratch; and the courage to persevere. There is no other way you can do it, other than the courageous way. As generic as it may sound, it works! Try it out and spread it to the world. The secret needs to be out.