Steff Holloway

I am a Career Coach, a Business Writer and the Founder of Resume Cow. I have seven years of corporate experience in Talent Planning, Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits and Training & Development. Have managed and led diverse set of teams and spearheaded several strategic change initiatives at various levels. Currently, I am helping students and working professionals to lead their career growth, realise their true potential and emerge as a winner in their area of interest.

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The demand for software professional will exponentially grow in future. Software Product Developers are those who know how to build products for a society that is entirely dependent on technology. It’s not only about the tech giants like Facebook, Google or Apple. Almost all the industries are directly or indirectly more…

Steff Holloway

22 February, 2018

Everything boils down to mindset. Isn’t it? Our relationships, our career or business even our happiness depends on how we take on things. While each one is talented in something or the other and there are various variables on why one is more successful than the other, but one can’t more…

Whether you are stuck in a dead end career, or you took some time off due personal issues, you have lost interest in your career and are now exploring other career options. As a software developer, you can consider the following career opportunities to get your desired job. Mobile Application more…