Nick Radlinskiy
Nick Radlinskiy

Senior manager with proven track record in running family business, with particular expertise in sales and marketing areas, new business development, finance and team management. Experienced in leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent communication and presentation abilities.

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Personal branding(self-marketing) is a technique by which you get more opportunities to show your talents and skills. Personal branding technique helps one to communicate their experiences and vision to the potential employers effectively. It is the means by which people remember you. It describes you as an individual to your more…


’First impression is the last impression.’ And your LinkedIn headline is the first impression to millions of professionals! Career changers use LinkedIn profile. It is helpful for both employers and job seekers.Recruiters and job seekers are increasingly using LinkedIn to boost a career. To attract recruiters to your profile you more…

Nick Radlinskiy

18 February, 2018

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool to boost your professional profile. With more than 500 million users LinkedIn will be your go-to point for career advancement and job opportunities. In order to advance your career, you need to make your profile visible in Google search results. Here are a few more…